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Say Goodbye to Survival Mode 7 Day Course{Squeal! My arrived in the mail today. It was incredibly exciting and surreal!}

So, you’ve probably noticed a thing or two about a I have coming out soon. Yes, . 🙂

I’m just a wee bit excited about it… especially because the testimonies we’re receiving from our launch team members who read a pre-release copy are just giving me goosebumps.

The message of this book is one I’m intensely passionate about. Why? Because it’s my story.

I hit rock bottom a few years ago. I had taken on way too many things, my to-do list was overwhelming, I was physically exhausted and emotionally drained, and I felt like there was no way out.

But by the grace of God — and with some wise encouragement from my husband — I made major changes in my life that helped me to pull out of that pit of despair and start on a journey of living with intention, passion, and purpose.

Do I have it altogether or have all the answers? No way! And you’ll discover through reading this book that I am very flawed, have made a whole lot of mistakes, and continue to learn right along with you.

But I am no longer feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and exhausted. I have hope, joy, and purpose in life. And this gives me excitement to wake up every day knowing that I’m going somewhere, that the actions I’m taking each day are for a purpose, and they are moving me closer to where I want to be long-term.

chronicles my journey of how I hit rock bottom, how I had the wake up call that changed my life, and the practical steps I’ve taken to slowly journey to a place where I’m living every day with passion and purpose.

This book is so much more than my story, though. It’s an action plan and a lifeline of hope for anyone who feels like they are drowning in too many to-do’s.

Whether you’re single, married, have kids, don’t have kids, stay-at-home, or work outside the home, I think you’ll be blessed and inspired by the principles and stories in this book. And it just might completely change your life — in a wonderful way!

Have you purchased your copy of yet? If not, you can pre-order it here. Thank you so much for supporting me in this project — it means the world to me!


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4 Lessons I Learned From Goal-Setting “Failure” in 2013

benefits of setting goals on blackboard

2013 wasn’t a banner goal-setting year for me. I did manage to cross 13 goals off my list of 25 goals, but I spent the last half of the year feeling frustrated that I wasn’t making more progress in the goal-setting department.

As a person who thrives on productivity, feeling like you’re not making headway can be really discouraging. However, I’m trying to practice what I preach when it comes to giving myself grace, so I refused to beat myself up over the lack of progress.

Instead, stepped back and evaluated what needed to be changed for the coming year. After some thought and discussion with Jesse, I came up with four things that hampered my goal-setting success in 2013:

1. I need to set fewer goals.

I bit off more than I could chew last year in setting 25 goals. I got excited and pumped up when I was doing my goal-setting and didn’t think truly realistically — even though I really tried to.

This, in turn, set me up for failure in some of my goals. The goals themselves weren’t bad, there were just too many of them.

This year, I’m only setting 12 goals. When I look at my goals list, it feels so much more manageable!

2. I need to make my goals more specific and actionable.

Last year, I made the mistake of putting some goals on my list that weren’t specific enough or actionable enough. For instance, one of my goals was: “Wake up by 6 a.m. and exercise, shower, and dress by 8 a.m. every day.”

While this was somewhat specific, it was sort of one of those goals that was just “out there” — with no concrete ending. If I had said something like: “Wake up by 6 a.m. and exercise, shower, and dress by 8 a.m. every day for 21 days” that would have been much more doable, specific, and actionable.

This year, I tried to have every single goal on my list have a specific time frame or number assigned to it. For instance, instead of saying, “Write more content pieces for my blog” I said, Write 150 content pieces for the blog.”

This goal has a very specific action point attached to it enabling me to track exactly how I’m doing. Plus, this allows me to break it down into bite-sized pieces (i.e. I’m shooting to write at least 3 content pieces on my blog every week. If I do this, I’ll easily hit the 150 mark by the end of the year.)


3. I need to account more for the expected.

In January of 2013, I knew I was and doing more speaking/traveling, but I didn’t seem to account for that in my goal-setting. I forgot how much time and effort requires and didn’t allow time for that when considering goals.

In 2014, I’m thinking very carefully about what I already know my life is probably going to look like. There will be a lot of , I have a full spring travel/speaking schedule, we have a BIG thing happening as a family in April which is going to require time and transition (more on that sometime soon), and we have plans to produce a few more products in 2014.

Plus, then there’s just the daily life stuff of homeschooling and activities for our children, nurturing our marriage, being intentional in my friendships, and other ministry opportunities. So, knowing all of this, I am being much more careful about what goals I’m setting realizing that my plate is already pretty full.

4. I need to account more for the unexpected.

This was my biggest downfall in 2013.

There were some wonderfully unexpected things that happened — namely, the business exploded (our traffic/unique visitors doubled in 2013!). As a result, we had to change a lot of our processes, switch to a new hosting company, and bring on new team members to take over many of my previous responsibilities of running and managing the business so that I could focus on what I do best.

This was all very exciting, but it also meant that there was a 3-4 month period where I spent every spare moment I had available answering questions from new team members, having business meetings and conferences calls, brainstorming new processes, training new team members, and tweaking and experimenting with the new processes. Needless to say, this meant that a lot of other things had to be put on hold in the mean time while we made this transition.

The growing pains were hard, but so very worth it! And I am very grateful for the amazing team! Each person on the team is incredible and they’ve willingly taken over so many behind-the-scenes details so that I can now focus most all of my business and blogging time on writing, brainstorming, overseeing, and speaking — the things I love most!

In an effort to prepare for the unexpected in 2014, I’m leaving some breathing room in the goals I set. And it feels so good to know that while my goals are going to stretch and push me, they hopefully won’t overwhelm me when curve balls are thrown my way.

Want to learn more from my goal-setting failures and successes? Be sure to pre-order a copy of my brand-new book, , where I share about the lessons I’ve learned when it comes to goal-setting. If you’re longing to live a more fulfilled and purposeful life, I think you’ll be blessed, encouraged, and inspired by it.

What To Do When You Disappoint Yourself

What To Do When I Disappoint Myself

Kristin left this comment on my post on What To Do When You Disappoint Someone:

Honestly, it’s myself that I am always disappointed with; I wish I were friendlier, skinnier, and less grey. I go to bed every night feeling like I’ve failed my children and my husband and my Lord, random strangers on the internet, and probably my in-laws, too.

But I’m just not perfect. Not even half the time. I’ve been trying to ease up on that internal critic lately and I think I’ve been sleeping better. -Kristin

Kristin, can I just tell you that you are so not alone in this? I spent years of my life disappointed with myself… that I wasn’t pretty enough, smart enough, funny enough, eloquent enough, confident enough, and on and on it went. No matter what I did or didn’t do, I’d be frustrated with myself that it wasn’t enough.

I’d regularly think, “If only I were more this or that, then people would like me.” I was my own worst critic for years and I wholeheartedly believed the lies that my head told me that I wasn’t good enough.

What you believe determines how you live and these beliefs held me back from so many different things. From close friendships, from opportunities, from stepping outside my comfort zone, and much more. I lived in fear, guilt, insecurity, and shame, always feeling like I didn’t measure up and was a perpetual failure.

The past few years have been years of major transformation for me. It wasn’t an overnight change, but a gradual process of growing and healing. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been so good.

Also? It’s incredibly encouraging to realize that I’m not the same girl I was a few years ago. Yes, I might still struggle with insecurity from time to time (and if you read this post, you’ll know that I’m definitely a work in progress!), but I feel much more healed and whole.

I no longer see myself as a misfit who isn’t good enough. Instead, I believe with all my heart that I’m beautiful in God’s eyes. I know in the depths of my soul that He’s created me for a specific purpose. In Him, I’m whole, loved, and 100% enough.

I don’t have to strive to be someone I’m not. I don’t have to work hard to change my personality. I am enough… exactly as I am.

What To Do When I Disappoint Myself

This new-found confidence and wholeness has permeated all areas of my life. It’s inspired me to step outside my comfort zone and love doing things I thought I would never, ever, ever do (hello, public speaking!).

It’s produced so much more depth of joy and fulfillment in the my life. And, best of all, it’s given me courage to be authentic and vulnerable in relationships. This has resulted some really deep and dear friendships with people who love me for exactly who I am and who challenge and encourage me to be the best version of me I can be.

Here are some specific things that have helped me on this journey:

1. Recognize the Lies

The biggest transformation started for me when I began to call out the lies I was allowing to swirl around in my head. “I don’t measure up.” “I’m not good enough.” “I’m a failure.” “No one likes me.”

These are all things I’ve allowed myself to believe in the past… and every single one of them is a lie. That’s a strong word, but when I began to recognize these things as lies, it started me on the path to being able to change the way I viewed myself.

2. Refuse to Believe the Lies

I made a commitment two years ago to stop believing the lies. For me, this meant that every time a thought popped into my head that was something about me not being good enough or being a failure, I immediately made myself say, “That’s a lie.”

There was something utterly life-impacting in naming these statements as lies instead of believing them and allowing them to taunt me as truths. This exercise caused me to stop beating myself up over something that wasn’t true.

What To Do When I Disappoint Myself

3. Replace the Lies

It’s not enough to just recognize the lies and refuse to believe them. I had to take it one step further and replace these lies with truth.

It might sound silly or weird, but I actually make myself speak phrases of truth any time I start hearing lies swirling in my head. If I start to think, “I’m just not talented enough.” I’d immediately make myself say, “No, that’s a lie.” And then replace that lie with a truth.

So in that particular case, I might say something like, “I may not have the gifts that so-and-so does, but God has gifted me in these areas. He loves me just the way I am and wants me to embrace who He has made me to be instead of wishing I had different gifts and talents.”

This simple act has revolutionized my thought life — and my entire life. It was a lot of work at first, but it has now become second nature to me to replace the lies with truth. Not only that, but I’ve realized that I’ve had a lot fewer lies swirling around in my head because I know and believe the truth in the core of my being.

What you think determines how you act. So make sure that you are filling your mind up with truth… and that truth with set you free! Free to no longer live in shame, guilt, and insecurity but to walk in confidence, fulfillment, and joy.

Note: If you struggle with insecurity and/or guilt, I encourage you to get a copy of my new book, . In it, I share my story of hitting rock bottom as a result of trying to please and impress people. The book not only chronicles my personal struggles and journey over the past few years, but gives you practical and actionable steps you can take to replace your own fears and insecurity with confidence. .

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