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Video Interview with Robert D. Smith: How I Manage My Time

When my husband and I spent the day with Robert D. Smith, he asked if he could interview me on how I manage my time. He has the clip of our interview up on his blog today and I thought I’d pass along the link for those who might be interested.

We talk about my daily schedule, how I juggle homeschooling and blogging, and the importance of goal-setting and living with intention. Head on over to Robert’s blog to watch it.

Note: There was so much that I didn’t have time to say in the interview and Robert played me up to be a lot more amazing than I am in the interview and blog post, so for anyone who watches and feels a little discouraged or thinks that I have it altogether, please go watch this video and take a deep sigh of relief. {Oh and you can also laugh that I have the exact same thing on in both videos. Remember that I kind of have a limited wardrobe? ;)}

How I Do It All — Or Not {Video Blog}

How do you do it all?

This is the question that many of you asked when I asked for questions you’d love for me to answer in a video blog.

In this video, I answer that question by sharing how I don’t do it all and I don’t do it all myself. I also give you an insider peek into how I currently plan my day and how it has freed me up from feeling overwhelmed every day.

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If you have a question you’d love for me to answer in a video blog next week (or in the weeks to come), leave it as a comment on this post and I’ll pick one of your questions to answer next week!

Have a question you’d love for me to answer on camera? Ask away!

Just for fun (and because some of you have asked for more video blogs!), I’m kicking off a new Q&A video blog series this week!

These video blogs will just be me taking a few minutes each week to answer your questions candidly on camera. I’m hoping it will be sort of like you’re sitting in my living room or at my kitchen table chatting with me.

The floor is open! Have a question you’d love for me to answer? Leave it in the comments — and I’ll pick one to answer next week. Your question can be about any subject or topic and I’ll aim to post one Q&A blog per week.