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Tag Archive: My Shopping Trips

A “screwed up” shopping trip

Last night’s grocery shopping trip is a prime example of why you should always plan a grocery list before heading to the store…

Jesse stopped at Dillon’s last night to pick up a few things so we could grill out. He didn’t have a list and I hadn’t gone over the ad much, but I thought the Pace Salsa was supposed to be $0.99 per jar after the Mega Event discount, so I told him to pick up 10 jars. After he got home, I realized that they were $1.49 each after the Mega Event discount.

He misread the signs on the Vitamin Water/Tea and didn’t realize he had to buy in multiples of 10 to get the Mega Event discount, so instead of getting those for $0.50 each, he paid $1 each.

We had grocery money left for March and he’s gotten plenty of great deals through the years {and hey, he was kind enough to stop by the store!} so it really wasn’t a big deal.

{He told me to just tell you all that he screwed up on the shopping trip. But it was partially my fault for not reading the ad more carefully, so I take half the blame for the screwed up shopping trip! Instead of being frustrated, we both just decided to laugh about it–life’s too short to get frustrated over the little things, anyway!}

Here’s what he ended up buying:

2.11 lbs. bananas — $0.93
2.14 lbs. bananas — $0.95
Gold Peak Tea — $1.38 (not shown)
4 bottles of Vitamin water — $1 each (not shown)
10 jars of Pace salsa — $1.49 each
Green leaf lettuce — $1.89/head (not shown)
Hamburger Buns — $3.35
5 ears of corn — $2
Tomatoes — $3.19

Total with tax: $34.97

In more positive grocery shopping news, I stopped by the health food store today and picked up some apples and pears that were $0.99 per pound. I love it when I can find beautiful fruit for $0.99/lb. or less!

Target shopping trip

I stopped by Target last week and meant to post the great deals I got right after I went shopping. But you know how life goes sometime…

Since none of these were weekly deals, I thought I’d go ahead and share what I got for those who may be interested:

1 Up & Up Baby Lotion — $1.52, used $0.75/1 Target coupon (no longer available) = $0.77 after coupon

1 Up & Up Baby Body Wash — $1.52, used $1/1 Up & Up Body Wash coupon = $0.52 after coupon

2 single-serving Skinny Cow yogurts — $1.22 each, used 2 $1/1 Skinny Cow coupons = $0.22 each after coupons

1 18-count package of Kotex liners — $0.94, used $1/1 Kotex product coupon that came in a free sample = free after coupon

2 20-count packages of Carefree liners — $0.99 each, used 2 $1/1 Carefree liners coupon = free after coupons

2 trial-sized packages of Band-Aids — $0.97 each, used 2 $1/1 Band-Aid coupons = free after coupons

2 trial-sized bottles of Renu solution — $1.57 each, used 2 $2/1 Renu coupons = free after coupons

8 bags of Market Pantry frozen vegetables — $0.99 per bag, used 2 $1/4 coupons = $0.74 each after coupons

1 Revlon nail clipper at $2.24 1 Revlon nail file at $1.27 — used $5/2 Revlon products coupon = free after coupon

Total with tax after coupons: $8.21

Last night’s $2.02 shopping trip at Target

And finally, we had to run to Target last night to pick up a few things for our trip today, so I also looked at the deals. They were out of most everything or the prices were different than others were finding elsewhere, but I was able to pick up a few good deals:

Market Pantry Pasta and Sauce – $1
Bought 2 and used $1/2 Target printable
$0.50 each after coupon

Glade Fragrance Mist– $3.49
Used $2/1 coupon (no longer available)
Stacked with $1/1 Target coupon
$0.49 after coupon

2 Mederma Scar product — price cut to $2
Used 2 $2/1 coupons
Free after coupons

Total with tax: $2.02

See the full list of deals at Target here.

Last night’s Health Food Store shopping trip

I wanted to get some fruit to tide everyone at our house over while Jesse and I are out of town this week. So I ran by the health food store last night and picked up the following:

4 oranges — on sale 4 for $1

4 grapefruit — on sale 4 for $1

3.31 lbs. Gala apples — on sale for $0.79/lb.

1 coconut — marked down to $0.99

6.66 lb. Organic bananas — marked down to $0.39/lb.

Total with tax: $8.79

Last night’s Dillon’s shopping trip

I ran into Dillon’s last night and picked up the following:

1 loaf Iron Kids Bread — used a free coupon that Jessica gave me when I saw her two weeks ago. (I’ll use this to make homemade croutons.)

1 single-serve Silk PureAlmond drink — $1, used $0.55/1 coupon (doubled) that my friend Stacie emailed me about making this free after the coupon doubled. I just checked and it looks like it’s no longer available. Bummer. 🙁

5 packages of bone-in chicken breasts priced at $0.99 per lb.

Total with tax: $22.53

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Today’s shopping trip: Health Food Store & Aldi

We made a quick run to the health food store and Aldi today. Here’s what we bought:

Tuesday’s Shopping Trip

Health Food Store

4 bags of organic oranges marked down to $0.99 each!

Total with tax: $4.25


2 bags of spinach — $1.69 each
1 gallon of milk — $2.82
1 tub artisan lettuce — $1.99
6 avocados — $0.29 each
1 head cauliflower — $0.99
1 bag sweet onions — $1.49
1 bag baby carrots — $0.99
3 multi-colored peppers — $2.69
1 package of kiwi — $1.69
2 bags of bananas — $1.21 + $1.29

Total with tax: $21.76