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P90X on a Budget: Phase Two Downloadable Menu Plan

So, I started round two of P90X today. I have to confess something: I thought since I’d already gone through the program once that the second time around would be a piece of cake.

Well, I forgot that I took a two-week break from exercising. And apparently I’m not in quite as good of shape as I thought I was.

Or my body forgot how to exercise. Or something.

At any rate, I could hardly make it through the warm-up (I even ended up lying down for about 30 seconds because I was so winded!). My get up and go had gotten up and gone.

But then, after a pathetic warm-up where I felt like a total exercise failure, it was like my body remembered, “Oh, yes, P90X! I remember this! Bring it!” Because once I started in with the push-ups and pull-ups, I just floated through all of it and then did Ab Ripper X and then I even considered hopping on the elliptical for a little while, too. But I nixed that idea because I was out of time.

I’m pumped! I’ve missed the rush that comes from exercising and I’m ready to knock this second round out of the park. Of course, I might be taking all that back after I puff and pant my way through Plyo tomorrow. 🙂

I got smart this time around and am completely skipping the Phase One Menu Plan as I don’t have fat I need to burn and know that my body needs the extra carbs. So, .

Please keep in mind that this is my own rendition of the P90X diet. It’s not perfectly in line with everything they say to eat, but it’s what I’ve found seems to be a good balance of carbs and protein for me at this intense level of exercise.

I’m only doing a six-day menu because I take Sundays off from exercising and am not as strict with the diet that day, either. Though I still try to eat pretty balanced and healthfully so as not to completely ruin the efforts from the rest of the week!

If you missed it when I posted it before, you can download the Phase One Menu Plan here.

The children eat somewhat similar meals, with some variation since they don’t particularly care for lots of salads and definitely aren’t consuming the level of protein I am!

My husband is eating very similar to me for breakfasts, snacks and dinners. And then he usually buys his lunch, as he’s often on the road throughout the day (he has his own law firm and does a lot of traffic court work in small-town courts in our state).

Anyone else doing P90X or another intense workout plan right now? I’d love to hear how it’s going for you!