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Free Cupcake Busy Bag instructions and pattern download

We signed up to be a part of recently–this time doing a felt cupcake Busy Bags. And since all of you enjoyed the Clothesline Busy Bag downloadable I shared in May, put together another pattern, instructions, and download for the .

If you’re unfamiliar with , basically, they are ziptop bags with a simple project or game to keep young children busy. It’s so helpful to have things like this put together to pull out when I need to be working one-on-one homeschooling Kathrynne or when the children come to me asking what they can do. Instead of having to wrack my brain, I can just pull out a pre-packaged project and get them started on it.

Kaitlynn (4) especially loved making the cupcakes. She’s our artistic child who is already trying to concoct recipes on her own, so this was right up her alley!

We bought the felt at Hobby Lobby and the bags at Dollar Tree. All told, these definitely cost less than $1 per bag.

Our box of !

Free Downloadable Cupcake Busy Bag Kit

If you’d like to put together a Cupcake Busy Bag for your children, you can . It includes free patterns, instructions on putting together the bag, instructions to stick inside the bag, and some ideas on variations of ways to use this bag. Enjoy!

Free Downloadable Homeschool Planners

I’m so excited because, after many requests from you all, put together some . You can use these to plan and track your homeschooling lessons and activities.

This free download includes the following homeschool planners, each of which is customizable on your computer:

  • Attendance record
  • Six 6-week planners (to plan an entire year for an individual subject)
  • 1-week planner (to plan one week of all subjects)

How to use the homeschool planning pages

  1. Download the (8 pages, 217K).
  2. You may also want to download the (2 pages, 1.8M)
  3. Open the file in a PDF reader such as .
  4. Use your TAB key to tab through the customizable fields of each form. Each form has numerous fields in which you can enter your own information.
  5. Click on the section(s) you’d like to fill in and type in your text.
  6. Print out the document when you’re done typing in your text.
  7. Save your document if you’d like to save your changes. You’ll be able to open the document again to add different text at any time.
  8. If desired, you can save the document several times under different names to use with different subjects.