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Tag Archive: Compassion Trip

We made it to the Dominican Republic!

After a long day of traveling (we left our house before 5 a.m. this morning!), we made it to Santo Domingo a little after 9 p.m. this evening. Just getting out of the airport and through customs by ourselves was a fun little adventure–and we quickly had opportunities to brush up on our Spanish! 🙂

One of the local staff from Compassion and Marie (who works with Compassion in the U.S.) met us at the airport and we made the 45-minute drive to the hotel. Along the way, we got to experience a little glimpse into the city here and Marie shared stories with us from her visits to Kenya, Haiti, and other countries.

The hardest thing so far? Trying to remember not to use the water to brush our teeth, figuring how to configure the international outlets with my laptop cord, and trying to explain to the hotel staff that we’d like some regular pillows.

(They had some straw-type pillows on our bed that didn’t have pillow cases on them. So we called the front desk to ask if they had any regular pillows with cases on them. It took a number of minutes and various front-desk people for them to understand what it was we were asking for. But once they finally understood, they graciously brought us some normal pillows. And yes, I know that it probably sounds silly that with all the needs we’re seeing around us, we’re asking for replacement pillows, but we’re new to all of this and figured we’d probably sleep ten times better if we had different pillows.)

Tomorrow we’ll be visiting two of Compassion’s projects here and we’ll have the opportunity to visit in some of the homes and meet many of the locals. I’ll share some stories and photos from our experiences tomorrow evening.