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The Best Legitimate Paid Online Surveys

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Are you interested in taking online surveys for cash, but you’re not sure which ones to trust? This is a go-to list of legitimate paid online surveys you can trust. We’ve done all the research for you (and most of these I’ve tried myself in the past) so that you don’t have to worry about being scammed.

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Paid Online Surveys for Money

What Are Paid Online Surveys?

Online surveys are just what they sound like — it’s where you take surveys for money in exchange for your honest opinion.

Online survey companies want your opinion for market research purposes. One of the easiest ways for companies to do market research is to incentivize the general public to give their feedback, experience, or opinion — which is why you can get paid for online surveys!

When you take online surveys for money, survey topics can cover just about anything from your hobbies and interests to your shopping habits and product preferences, and everything in between.

Are Online Surveys Legitimate?

There is a common misconception that online survey companies aren’t legitimate, but that’s definitely not true!

You just have to know what to look out for, what to avoid, and which companies to trust.

The truth is that there are a lot of really great online survey companies that legitimately and honestly want your opinion in exchange for cash!

How Much Can You Earn With Surveys?

While you won’t get rich or earn a full-time income from taking paid online surveys, it is a really nice way to earn a little extra money on the side — especially when you have more time than money!

It’s also a great way to save up for Christmas gifts throughout the year when you don’t have much wiggle room in the budget.

When Jesse was in law school and I had a lot of extra free time on my hands, ! Those were some of the toughest times in our marriage, and every little bit helped stretch our really tight budget during those financially lean years.

The Best Online Surveys for Cash

If you’re looking for legitimate paid online surveys to take, here are some companies I highly recommend:

: This is easily my very favorite survey site — but it’s SO much more than a survey site! You can also earn for searching the web, playing games, watching videos, taking advantage of special offers, and shopping the Internet. For years, I’ve used Swagbucks to pay for plane tickets, hotel rooms, Amazon purchases, and SO much more. The best part of this site is how easy it is to cash out. Save up your points if you want, or redeem for a $3 or $5 Amazon Gift Card really quickly! to get started. You’ll get $3 just for !

: This was my very favorite survey site when Jesse was in law school! They pay $3 promptly for every survey completed. Go and sign up to see if you qualify. This company has a lower acceptance rate than other companies, but they take new applicants at the very beginning of each month! So if you don’t get in on the first try, come back on the 1st of each month to keep trying!

: This company gets really great reviews and is known for their availability of quick and easy paid online surveys, their amazing 24/7 customer service with a smaller customer-focused team, and super quick payout when you redeem your points. Once you reach 25,000 points, you can cash in for $25 in the form of PayPal funds, a VISA gift card, or an Amazon gift card!  Go here to .

: This company pays in point rewards for every completed survey. You can cash these in for instant win opportunities, sweepstakes, or cash. There are also opportunities to do free product testing. You can choose payout at $5 for an Amazon gift card or at $10 for cash.  to sign up.

: This reputable company gets really great reviews! It is known for a low minimum payout threshold and a quick & easy first payout. You can cash in for $10 once you reach 1,000 points. Choose from PayPal funds, direct bank transfer, or a gift card of your choice!

: In addition to offering paid online surveys, this company also pays you for reading e-mails, searching the web, and more. I used to love earning free gift cards through Inbox Dollars!

Some Tips on Taking Surveys for Money

If you’re interested in taking online surveys for cash, here are a few more tips to keep in mind:

  • Use a dedicated e-mail address for survey sites. When you’re taking a lot of surveys, you’re going to get quite a few e-mails. To avoid cluttering your personal inbox, I highly recommend signing up for a separate e-mail address that you use just for taking surveys.
  • Update your information often. Survey companies are often looking for targeted demographics — certain age ranges, income levels, geographical locations, or job positions — so it’s really important to make sure you keep your information updated. If you change jobs, move geographical locations, have another child, or become a home owner, be sure to update all of that information!
  • Always be honest, but don’t be afraid to keep it vague. It’s important to be honest when you take surveys, because a) legitimate survey companies are doing honest market research and b) your answers need to be consistent and not seem dishonest, especially when you’re taking a lot of surveys. That being said, don’t be afraid to keep things as vague as you can while also answering honestly. Don’t give any extra information you don’t feel comfortable with! Go with the quickest, easiest answer you can while also being honest. If any information is optional, I recommend skipping it.
  • Never, ever pay to join a survey site. Legitimate survey companies will never charge you to join or sign up. If you see a survey company wanting to charge you, stay far away! That’s one of the surest signs that the survey company is not legitimate.
  • Never give out your bank account information. Although you’re taking surveys for cash, legitimate survey companies always offer gift cards or PayPal as payout options. You shouldn’t ever be forced to give your banking information as the only payout option. That’s most likely a sign that the survey company is not one that can be trusted.

What are some of your favorite companies that offer legitimate paid online surveys? I’d love to know if I missed an important one! Tell us in the comments!

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Our Pinterest account got suspended!

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

Last week, Pinterest decided to suspend my account saying they thought we had violated the spam policies.

This was completely unexpected. One minute, our Pinterest account was there with 238K+ followers and the next minute it was — poof — GONE!

For two days, we worked to Pinterest by every way we knew to appeal their decision. We talked to people who had had this happen to them to see if they had any suggestions. We researched everything we could to figure out what could have happened to cause Pinterest to suspend out account.

Most of all, we tried to wait patiently and think through what Plan B might end up being if they didn’t re-instate our account.

What I Did Instead of Freaking Out

I used to flip out when my site would go down, when a big affiliate program would change their rules (and it would mean a big loss), or social media would have major glitches.

But 14+ years of running multiple online businesses and making a boatload of mistakes will teach you this: Freaking out accomplishes nothing.

Seriously. Stop and think for a minute… what is one good thing that freaking out is going to accomplish?

I’m guessing your list is completely blank. Instead of freaking out, here’s what I try to do:

1) Take a deep breath.

2) Ask, “What’s the worst thing that could happen?”

3) Then, “Will I be okay if that happens?”

4) Next, “What CAN I do?”

And then I focus on my blessings and do what I can do to resolve or improve the situation.

Why You Need an Email List

I talked to so many people who are relying upon social media for their income and blog traffic. While social media is great and I love it, I cannot stress how important it is that you set up an email list and use it strategically instead of depending upon social media.

Like I’ve said so many times, you do not own social media. They could decide at any time to shut down, start charging you for using their services, or to — like happened to us — shut down or suspend your account.

Here are four reasons you need an email list:

  • An email list gives you the ability to have access to prime real estate — people’s inboxes. We’ve tested this time and again, and social media and blog posts just don’t hold a candle to email.
  • An email list gives you the ability to people directly — whenever you want to. When I decide I want to send out an email newsletter, I don’t have to try to bypass and trick the elaborate algorithms into getting my email to land in someone’s inbox. I just write the email and send it.
  • An email list allows you to build a personal and long-lasting relationship with people. And when people trust you, you have one of the most valuable assets you can ever obtain as a business owner.
  • An email newsletter gives you the ability to tailor emails to best serve each individual person on your list. Many email programs now offer really advanced options — including the ability to tailor emails to serve each individual person on your email list.

Our email lists not only allow us the ability to build a deep and loyal relationship with people, they also convert thousands of dollars in sales every single month.

Need Help With Your Email List?

If you need help getting your email list set up or being strategic in actually using your email list to make hundreds or thousands of dollars each month, I HIGHLY recommend getting a copy of .

This goldmine bundle of blogging resources is only available until Thursday at midnight and for just $97 and it gives you immediate access to 

Many of the courses in the bundle sell for more than $97 each! And the courses on email lists alone are SO worth the price of the bundle!

In all honesty, if you just download these six resources on setting up and strategically using your email list — and then you actually use them and do what they recommend! — I can pretty much guarantee that you will make back the price of bundle over and over again in the next 6-12 months.

Here are the six resources I recommend you start with:

  • Irresistible Email: The Art of Attracting, Captivating, and Nurturing Your Tribe of Raving Fans
  • Email Growth & Marketing
  • 23 Opt-In Templates With Video Instructions
  • Grow Your Email List Using Pinterest
  • Igniting Your List Incentive
  • The Complete Guide to ConvertKit

All of these resources combined are worth over $700! And that’s just a small sample of what  contains!

Basically, it’s  from a number of blogging professionals to help you confidently tackle whatever blogging struggles you are facing.

You won’t have any reason to make any more excuses, because everything you need to get started will be right at your fingertips!

 can be downloaded and gone through at your own pace. You can start them today or, if it’s a topic you don’t need right now, you can download it and save it for later.

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If you went to the different influencer’s and blogger’s sites and , you’d pay $5867.88! But for the next few days, you can get all of these courses in one big bundle for just $97 total!

Many of these courses are very comprehensive and they individually sell for more than $97 for just one course! So this is a STEAL of a price!

This is your chance to get the help you need to grow as a blogger — and to get it at a crazy low price!

Want to learn more? Read about what —or just  by clicking below!

Remember, this toolkit is only available through Thursday, April 11, 2019 at 11:59pm EST.

P.S. #1 There is a 30-Day Happiness Guarantee! So if you purchase it and decide it’s not for you, you can ask for your money back — no questions asked!

P.S. #2 Pinterest re-instated our account a few days ago — and we’re so grateful! But I’m also so grateful that we have a great email list in place so that even if we didn’t, we wouldn’t have lost our ability to you all!

How to Teach Your Kids Great Money Skills (free class!)

I’m excited to invite you to join me for a free class on Thursday all about . You don’t want to miss this!

Do you want to raise financially responsible kids? Do you wish you could have some advice and step-by-step help to teach your kids great money skills? If so, you’re not alone!

I hear from so many parents who feel like they want to set great examples for their kids when it comes to money but they just don’t even know how to do that since they never had good money role models.

Matt Matheson is a dad of two kids who has spent 15 years as a teacher. His heart is to help equip the next generation to win with money. It started in his home with teaching his daughter and son the basics about money, but quickly expanded to include teaching a personal finance class to 5th and 6th graders in his school.

As a nationally published personal finance writer with articles and insights appearing in places like the Huffington Post, Matt was able to combine his financial knowledge, educational expertise, classroom experience, and parenting insights to build a series of highly engaging lessons designed to bring the joy back to parents struggling to raise money rockstars.

Sign Up for the Free Class!

Matt and I are teaming up on April 11, 2019 to offer you a free live class designed to help you raise your own financially-savvy kids. It’s called .

The class will be at 7 p.m. CT/8 p.m. EST on Thursday, April 11, 2019 and you’ll learn:

  • In the class, Matt will show you why it’s too late if you wait until they start learning about money in school.
  • You’ll learn how everything your child needs to know about money can be boiled down to five major concepts known as the 5 Pillars. If your child masters these, you’ll be ahead of the game and you won’t get lost (or lose them) teaching the details of 401k’s, credit utilization rates, and FAFSA’s (not sure what these are? Don’t worry, you don’t need to speak Money-ese to raise a money rockstar!)   
  • . Many parents go about teaching their children about money all wrong. Matt will show you a few simple teaching tips and tricks to have your kids soaking up money knowledge like a sponge.

to sign up and reserve your spot for Thursday, April 11th, at 8:00 pm EST!

Our hope is that each parent who attends will leave inspired with steps and advice to build a strong financial foundation for their kids. I hope to see you there!

P.S. Can’t make the live webinar? Be sure to to watch the replay!

Get paid to be a shopper with Shipt!

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

Looking for unique income-earning opportunities? Shipt might be a great option for you!

If you’re looking for a part-time job or even just a way to earn extra cash on the side, you might consider !

pays you to shop for and deliver customer’s groceries to their homes.

Shipt lets you set your own hours for a completely flexible schedule. You can work as much or as little as you’d like — part-time or full-time! Depending on tips, you can earn up to $22/hour or more.

The Best Things to Buy in April

Maximize your savings this month with this list of items that are best to buy during the month of April!

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This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

Are you trying to be more intentional with your money and hit some financial goals? If so, you’ll definitely want to check out this Master Your Money bundle that’s on sale right now!

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 are designed to help you:

  • Set up an easy budgeting system you can actually stick with.
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  • Take control of debt without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Find smart ways to grow your family’s income.
  • Create a clear plan for achieving your financial goals.
  • And more!

If you feel overwhelmed or stuck when it comes to your finances, this  will help give you the practical tools and tips you need to take that first step in the right direction!

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