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Category: Earning & Managing Money

Sign up with EF Education First to work from home as an ESL teacher!

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Looking for unique ways to earn a part-time income from home?

If you hold a Bachelor’s degree, you can currently  to to make money teaching kids English online from the comfort of your home!

With EF Education First, your teaching is supplemental to what they’re already learning in a classroom environment. You don’t need any mandatory props or teaching backdrops.

And you can earn up to $2,000 per month teaching part-time with EF Education First!

Interested? Here’s how to apply:

  1. Go  and and enter your name and e-mail address to get started.
  2. Complete the application form.
  3. Speak to someone from the recruitment team.
  4. If hired, you’ll get a contract and be up and running in as little as two weeks!

Psst! Looking for more opportunities like this? You can also apply with VIPKID or Qkids to teach part-time from home!

Free Webinar: Stress-Free Financial Blueprint

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

Do you worry about your financial future? Don’t miss this FREE webinar!

If you want to take back control of your budget and set your future up for financial success, sign up for this !

In this FREE webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Capture a clear picture of your financial situation
  • Set a motivating goal for your family’s financial future
  • Get on the same page with your spouse (ask them to attend with you!)
  • Learn about tools to organize your records and track your spending
  • Discover why most people fail at budgeting (and how to make it work for you)
  • Start planning for and working towards a secure financial future

There are two more times to choose from tomorrow, March 26th.

How I got PAID to buy groceries today (I promise this is legal!)

I love finding deals at Kroger! If you have a Kroger store or Kroger affiliate, you don’t want to miss this post! 

I got PAID to buy groceries today. Well, I mean, the store clerk didn’t hand me money (though that has happened before when I had so many coupons that I had a negative balance!), but I did get all of these items for FREE — and I made money back for buying them.

I usually wait to share my grocery posts with you on Sundays. But I just can’t wait to share my deals with you today, because my Kroger shopping trip was kind of insane… and well, you might find the same deals at your Kroger, so I figured I shouldn’t keep this to myself until Sunday.

How I Got Paid To Buy Groceries

Kroger is running a Buy 5, Get $5 Off deal through April 2, 2019. I was planning to buy Mrs, Cubbison’s croutons because my kids love them (they literally eat them like potato chips; I know, weird but true!).

I thought they were priced at $0.49 each when you buy 5 participating items. When I got to the store, I discovered that our store had them for $0.29 — no coupons needed. Best of all, there was a $1/2 coupon + an iBotta rebate. So they were MORE than free.

However, that’s not all, there were peelie coupons on them for $1 off any Ken’s salad dressing when buy 2. Ken’s dressing is also part of the Buy 5, Get $5 Off deal AND there is an Ibotta rebate for Ken’s dressing, too.

Here Are the Details on What I Bought

Here’s how I ended up working this deal:

  • I bought 4 bags of Mrs. Cubbison’s Croutons — $0.29 each when you buy 5 participating items
  • And I bought 2 bottles of Ken’s dressing — $1.49 each when you buy 5 participating items
  • Then, I used $1/2
  • And I used 2 $1/1 Ken’s dressing peelie coupons
  • Plus, I submitted my receipt to get $1 back from iBotta for buying 4 bags of Mrs. Cubbison’s Croutons
  • AND, I submitted my receipt to get $1.50 back from iBotta for buying 2 bottles of Ken’s dressing
  • After the deals, the coupons, and the rebates = everything was FREE + overage*

Oh and by the way, guess what else I found marked down at the store today? Salads marked down to $0.25 each!!!! (Seeing as I usually eat two salads every day, I should be stocked up on salad ingredients for a little while!)

*In case you are wondering, I also bought 4 other Buy 5, Get $5 Off participating items. I’ll share all of my groceries on Sunday. I spent $54 and saved $60!

How to Make Money With Ebates

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

Want to make money with ? It’s so easy! Let me teach you by shopping online and taking advantage of cash back offers.

Looking for more ways to make money online? Check out these 40 Ways to Make Money, How to Earn Free Gift Cards from Swagbucks, and you can also .

What is ?

is an online site that pays you for shopping online. Yes, for real.

After you , you just go to the site and choose the online store you want to shop through and then click over to that online store. Then, when you make a purchase, you’ll earn a small percentage of your purchase back in cold, hard cash.

Most of the percentages you’ll earn are somewhere around 3-10% in cash back. That might not seem like much, but it can really add up over time. And if you’re already going to be making the online purchase, you might as well get a little kickback, too, right?

After all, it’s essentially “free” money. I don’t think any of us are going to turn that down!

Is legit?

is one of the oldest on the internet. offers an easy-to-navigate website and, in my personal opinion, is the best cash back program out there.

They currently offer cash back at over 1800 stores including Walmart, Target, JCPenney, Staples, Lands’ End, Sephora, and many, many more. They also offer daily deals and coupon codes to help you save even more on your purchases.

I have personally earned a lot of money from over the years and can’t sing their praises highly enough. But don’t just listen to me!

Here are real unsolicited comments from my followers about their experience with :

shared a picture of her on Twitter. I and the comments were brimming with people saying how much they had .

See more comments from readers on .

How do you make money with Ebates?

is simple. Here’s how it works:

  1. Before you make a purchase online, check to see if the online store is listed on .
  2. If the online store is listed on , click on it on the to be redirected to it. You’ll see a pop-up confirmation letting you know you’re ready to shop and earn cash back at that store. (it’s very important that you click through to the site. If you don’t do this, you won’t earn your cash back.)
  3. Make your purchase as usual.
  4. When you have earned at least $5.01 in approved cash back in one quarter, will send you a check (You can also choose to get paid via Paypal.) Make sure you have updated your account to include your address and chosen method of payment.

Is Ebates worth the effort?

Well, that’s your decision! 🙂 Personally, I think that taking 30 seconds to login to Ebates and search for the online store you are going to be shopping from and to click over to it from Ebates is absolutely worth the extra step — especially if you are going to be earning a few dollars for doing so.

(I mean, think about it: making $3 in 30 seconds would add up to being REALLY good hourly wage!)

You can also download the and you’ll be notified anytime an online store you are shopping from offers cash back on Ebates. That way, you’ll never forget to shop through Ebates! Plus, you’ll be notified of online coupons that are available, too.

a photo of coupon codes on ebates

How much money can you make?

If you do a lot of online shopping, you’ll make more money from . If you don’t do much online shopping, you won’t make as much money.

But if you do ANY online shopping, you should . Because even if you only make $10 per year, that’s still $10 for almost very little effort on your part!

If you regularly book flights or travel or make big online purchases, can add up really quickly!

3 Tips for Making More Money With

  1. If you love , be sure to grab your Referral Link and tell your friends about so they can save money, too! Just post your link on Facebook, Instagram, or your blog or send it out to friends via email. If they sign up and spend $25 within the first quarter, you’ll earn a $25 cash bonus!
  2. Pay attention to the Double Cash Back offers! runs special Double Cash Back offers that will allow you to earn just that: double the amount of cash back. Be sure to keep tabs on these so you can earn even more!
  3. If you make a lot of in-store purchases, you can link your credit or debit card to earn cash back on in-store purchases, as well.

How to sign up for

Ready to sign up and start earning cash back for your online shopping? Just .

Then, the next time you’re shopping online, be sure to first to see if the online store you are shopping at offers a cash back offer. If they do, click through before you make your purchases and you’ll be well on your way to getting your first check from !

Have you signed up with ? If so, I’d love to hear how much cash back you’ve earned from them or any additional tips you have for earning more money!

How to Get Cheap Broadway Tickets

Looking for cheap Broadway tickets? In this post, I share some best tips and strategies for getting a discount on Broadway show tickets.

Interested in more ways to save in NYC? Read my post about our family’s trip to New York City. For more cheap vacation ideas, check out 4 Creative Ways to Fund Family Vacations, 9 Money-Saving Vacation Tips, and How to Save Money on Food While On Vacation.

Times square NYC

How to Find Cheap Broadway Show Tickets

If you have ever wondered if it’s possible to find cheap Broadway tickets, you don’t want to miss this post! I went with two of my sisters to New York City this past weekend and we were determined to have .

Since neither of my sisters had ever been to NYC, both of them really wanted to go to a Broadway show. But we didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it.

So I put on my researcher hat and began scouting the internet, asking around online, and digging up everything I could about how to find cheap Broadway tickets.

Y’all! I was shocked with my findings! And I’m going to let you in on all the secrets I discovered in this post — including how to get tickets for as low as $10!!

Downtown NYC

Don’t Order Tickets Ahead of Time!

If there is one thing I discovered in all my research, it is this: You will spend a LOT more money if you order your tickets ahead of time! If you are willing to risk it and wait until the day before or the day of the show, that’s when you’ll find the best deals on Broadway tickets.

Be Flexible With What Shows You Want to See

Yes, I get it. You probably have a show or two that you have your heart set on seeing. But I would encourage you to pick a list of shows you want to see and work from that when looking for tickets. You’ll have a lot better chance of finding a deal on one of them then if you are dead set on only seeing one particular show.

Times Square NYC

Enter the Ticket Lotteries

The very best deals I found were on the ticket lotteries. Many shows offer them and you can find crazy deals. For instance, one person told me they saw . Another person told me they saw !

While not all of the shows offer tickets for as low as $10 through the ticket lotteries, there are many that offer $20 tickets and $30 tickets.

Most of the lotteries work something like this (be sure to read the details really carefully):

  • You go to a special website starting at 7 p.m. the night before the performance until 8:30 a.m. the day of the performance. After the lottery closes, you will be notified within minutes if you won or not. (To find out which shows offer ticket lotteries, head over to .)
  • If you won, you’ll have 60 minutes to claim your seats and pay for your tickets online. You cannot choose your seats; they are assigned to you and may not be seats with a great view. There is usually a limit of two tickets at that price.
  • Once you’ve paid, you’ll need to use your ID to pick up the tickets between 30 to 90 minutes before show time.

Yes, it’s a little complicated and you don’t know for sure if you are going to get the deal, but for the price, you just about can’t beat that deal!

I think this option would work especially well if you have some flexibility in your schedule and are in NYC for more than one night (you could enter the ticket lottery the first night and, if you don’t win, enter again for the next night!)

A photo of My Fairy Lady brochure

Check Out Rush Options

Many theaters offer a Rush option. These are extra tickets that haven’t sold, typically for seats that aren’t the best.

Theaters typically offer these on a first-come, first-served basis and they are available as soon as the box office opens for the show that day. There is usually a limit of two tickets per person.

Some shows also offer Student Rush tickets which are available 30 minutes before the curtain time. These tickets are often half price and are only available to current students and you can only get one ticket per student ID.

This is an option that is kind of risky, but if you have wiggle room in your itinerary and you enjoy adventure, it might be an option for you.

To see which shows are offering Student Rush and General Rush tickets, check out .

Times Square

Check a TKTS Booth

Many people recommended checking out the  that are located around New York City. These booths offer discounted tickets for shows that are the same day.

We checked these out and this would be a good option if you were looking for more than two tickets (the Lotteries and Rush options have a limit of two tickets). The prices were around $60 to $80 for most tickets and they had quite a few to choose from. One downside is that you may have to wait in a long line and it’s very first-come, first-served.

Sign of Broadway Tickets

Order From

If you don’t want to stand in a line and you are willing to pay a little more, offers last-minute ticket options that are cheaper. You can order up to six tickets together and you can choose the area where you will sit.

To find the best deals, check the Bang for Your Buck section where they offer tickets for around $49 each. They offer a wide variety of shows and you can order up to a few weeks in advance.

Do note that you will pay an additional $12.50 processing fee in addition to the advertised price. You’ll pick up your tickets from a representative outside the theater 30 minutes before the show.

What are YOUR best tips for getting cheap Broadway tickets? Tell us in the comments!