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Brigette’s $80 Grocery Shopping Trip and Weekly Menu Plan for 6


2 pkgs Romaine Hearts – $3.18

2 3-ct pkgs Multi-Colored Peppers – $2.70

1 pkg Kiwi – $0.99

1 bag Fresh Green Beans – $1.39

1 pkg Blueberries – $1.79

1 pkg Strawberries – $1.95

3 Avocados – $1.17

1 pkg Grape Tomatoes – $0.99

1 3-head pkg Garlic – $0.79

1 bunch Bananas (2.72lbs @ $0.34/lb) – $0.93

2 heads Cauliflower – $3.58

1 bag Mini Cucumber – $0.75

1 can Parmesan Cheese – $2.29

1 pkg Bagels – $1.79

1 loaf Bread – $0.65

3 pkgs English Muffins – $2.97

4 dozen Eggs – $3.92

2 16-oz cartons Egg Whites – $3.98

1 16-oz carton Whipping Cream – $1.55

1 can Black Olives – $1.05

1 canister Decaf Coffee – $2.99

1 carton Quick Oats – $2.29

2 64-oz cartons Orange Juice – $3.18

2 gallons Whole Milk – $2.72

1 4-ct pkg Applesauce Pouches – $1.85

1 jar Strawberry Jam – $1.79

1 canister Baking Cocoa – $1.75

1 large jar Salsa – $1.89

1 pkg String Cheese – $1.99

2 16-oz bags Shredded Mozzarella Cheese – $4.98

1 pkg Sliced Pepperoni – $1.95

1 Chocolate Cake mix – $0.85

Total: $66.64

Harris Teeter

5 boxes Rice Krispies – $8.95, used  – $5.95/5 after coupons

4 boxes Kraft Macaroni and Cheese – $1.08

2 pkgs Tortillas – $1.29

1 Turkey Hill Ice Cream – $1.97

1 5-lb bag Pillsbury Bread Flour – $3.39

Total: $13.68

Grocery Total for the Week: $80.32

Weekly Menu Plan


Lazy Monkey Bread, Scrambled Eggs, Bacon (Birthday Breakfast Choice for my 4-yr old)

Everyone is responsible for making/cleaning up their own breakfasts. Choices include:

Cereal, Toast, Breakfast Burrito, Bagels with Strawberry Cream Cheese (I got this free with a coupon last week), Oatmeal, Fruit, Fried/Scrambled/Hard Boiled Eggs, Veggie Omelets


Macaroni and Cheese, Applesauce Pouches (Birthday Lunch Choice)

Build-Your-Own-Salad Bar (Romaine, Assorted Chopped Fresh Veggies, Olives, Shredded Cheese, Craisins, Avocados, Chopped Fried Bacon, Hard Boiled Eggs, Dressing) x 3

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Peppers, Fruit

Leftovers x 2


McDonalds, Chocolate cake with Sprinkles, Ice Cream (Birthday Dinner Choice)

Dinner at a Friend’s House (I’m bringing Butterhorns and Fruit Salad)

Finger Food Fellowship (I’m hosting a large group of church friends. Everyone is contributing by bringing finger foods. I’m making English Muffin Pepperoni Pizzas, Strawberry Bars – recipe from a Taste of Home Cookbook, a Raw Veggie Plate with Dip, and )

Burritos (Tortillas, Seasoned Venison Meat, Shredded Cheese Salsa, Shredded Lettuce, Black Olives, Homemade Guacamole. We don’t like sour cream. 🙂), Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower

Turkey Gravy over Rice (using up my last package of cooked turkey in the freezer – I always roast several turkeys over Thanksgiving when we can buy them at low prices), Green Beans, Butterhorns

Venison Roast in the Crockpot, Baked Potatoes, Easy Whole Wheat Muffins (double recipe), Steamed Carrots

Baked Potatoes topped with Fried Bacon and Shredded Cheese, Green Beans, Leftover Easy Whole Wheat Muffins

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  • Julie Joolz says:

    Please give us this lazy monkey bread recipe! It is also a favorite birthday breakfast for my kids. Happy Birthday to your little guy!

    • Brigette Shevy says:

      I got the recipe from my mother-in-law, and I’m not sure where she got it from (or who to give credit to). It is NOT healthy, which is why we save it for special occasions.:) I’m sure you could use homemade biscuit dough, but I’ve never tried it (obviously, I’m lazy! ha!)

      In a sauce pan, heat 1 cup brown sugar, 1/2 cup corn syrup and 1 stick of butter until it boils. Pour into a 9×13 pan. Sprinkle with 1 cup chopped pecans (we leave these out if we don’t have any on hand).

      2 large tubes of Grand’s Biscuit – cut each biscuit in half. Mix together 1/4 cup sugar and 2 teaspoons cinnamon. Dip each biscuit half in the cinnamon sugar mixture. Place cut-side down in the 9×13 pan. Bake 375 degrees for 20-30 min. Invert (I just use a cookie sheet pan – but I’m sure a nice platter would look more attractive. Ha!). Serve warm.

  • Janell Young says:

    I haven’t looked at your shopping list before in depth…you have some amazing prices that we don’t see! Which part of the US do you live in? That does play a part in pricing, I realize (we live in central PA).

    • Brigette Shevy says:

      South Carolina. And YES, the area you live in plays a BIG part in pricing!!

      • Janell Young says:

        A couple more questions…your menu says that the kids get their own breakfast from a list of 3-4 things. How old are your kids, when did they start being responsible for their own breakfast, and how have you facilitated that so it isn’t a kitchen train wreck?

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