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My Completely Honest Review of Dollar Shave Club

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Back in May, I posted a funny post about how I had been using a disposable razor head without a handle to shave that week because I had left my razor in Dallas on a speaking trip and was too cheap to go buy a new razor when I could make do with just using a razor head until a new razor could come in from Amazon (purchased with a free gift card from Swagbucks).

So many of you commented on that post on social media and on my blog and gave hilarious suggestions, funny money-saving confessions, and tips and tricks for saving money on razors. (You can read some of those funny comments here.)

One of the suggestions that people gave over and over again was for me to sign up for . I think almost every one of us has heard of this program. It’s a monthly subscription box service that sends you razor blades every month so you never run out of razors.

I’ve been skeptical of the whole idea. I guess because their ads are always kind of quirky and I also just didn’t see a need to sign up and pay for a program when I’ve been spoiled by always getting my razors for free — either with coupons and rebates or by using free gift cards on Amazon earned with Swagbucks.

You see, for the first few years of our marriage, I always had a sur of razors I had gotten free by pairing coupons with the drugstore rebate programs. We got so spoiled with nice, high-quality razors this way that when the drugstore deals became a lot less abundant, I realized that we had fallen in love with great disposable razors and the thought of going back to cheap ones wasn’t really appealing.

The deals at drugstores aren’t as prevalent now, but you can still occasionally find a good deal on razors by pairing a coupon with a sale and/or drugstore rebate. However, just as the deals on razors started waning, I discovered Swagbucks and, ever since then, have used the free gift cards I’ve earned there to cover the costs of razors. I usually just get whatever is least expensive but still good quality and will look to see if there’s an e-coupon I can pair with it to lower the price even more.

So I’ve never looked into  other than to think, “Wow! I guess people will pay for anything as a subscription box service! But really… who would PAY for a monthly subscription to get razors in the mail??!”

As you can probably imagine by my cynical attitude, I was super surprised that reader after reader after reader highly recommended  to me after reading my post. Here are just a few of those comments:

Summer said: “Have you considered Dollar Shave Club? I was so skeptical at first, but my husband and I both LOVE it. (We get the middle of the road razors and the cartridges are $6 a month for 4.) They will auto mail them out but one really good thing is that you can change it either from monthly to bi-monthly at any time AND they will email you a few days before they plan to mail it out and you can decide to change it to bi-monthly even at that time – or change razors. (Speaking from experience!) I even got my mom hooked on the program, too.”

Another reader commented and said, “I don’t know how you haven’t discovered the wonder and joy of Dollar Shave Club. I am an every day shaver. I can’t even handle it. These razors are fantastic (even the dollar blades) and you literally can’t beat the price.”

And Lindsay agreed: “We love Dollar Shave Club!! My husband and I use the same razor blades and each have our own handle and pack of blades. We share the refills and only order once every other month, so $36 a year for both of us. Frugal and I love how I never ‘run out’ of refills.”

Really?!?! Apparently I’m one of the few people who thought getting razors in the mail was just a weird idea. 😉

In the name of wanting to investigate this out to see if it was really a good deal and also wanting to follow my own mantra of “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it”, . Since it was only $6 per month, I figured that if I didn’t like it, I could cancel after a month or two and not really be out much out of pocket for my experiment!

Plus, I promised you all an honest review — and I figured that it was worth spending a little money out of pocket to try this for 3 months and report back to you all with my honest thoughts.

How Dollar Shave Club Works

  • Go to and sign up for their that includes the executive razor handle, four 6-blade razor cartridges, a trial-sized shave butter, a trial-sized body cleanser, and three One Wipe Charlies packets.
  • When you , it signs you up for the Dollar Shave Club membership that will renew after the first month at the full executive razor price of $9/month.
  • After the first month, be sure to go into your membership settings and choose the razor blades you’d like to receive each month. You can opt to switch to a cheaper razor if you want to pay less per month.
  • They offer three different options: The Humble Twin — which is regularly $1 per month + $2 shipping, The 4X — which is regularly $6 per month (includes shipping), or The Executive — which is regularly $9 per month (includes shipping).
  • There are no hidden fees. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Or you can change plans at any time. When you change plans, you’ll receive a new razor handle for free.
  • You can choose to pause your subscription or change your shipment frequency so you only get new blades every other month — or whatever works for you.

When I first signed up, this $5 Starter Set offer wasn’t available (I wish it had been!), so I chose the $6 box. If you’re interested, you can

What Comes in a Regular Monthly Box

My initial box included some samples + a razor handle and a few other extra new member goodies, in addition to the 4 razor blade cartridges. The following months, you just get a package with 4 razor blade cartridges every month + the bathroom notes (which are sometimes, sometimes a little crass). They sometimes will include a little sample, too.

My Overall Thoughts

I have definitely surprised myself with liking . The razors have held up well for me, they give a clean shave, and I think they work just as well as razors that cost more than $6 for a razor + 4 cartridges.

Because I ended up being impressed enough with my experience, I decided to upgrade to the $9 per month program to see what I thought of the more expensive razor. I definitely like it better than the $6/month razors. However, I don’t think that you need to upgrade to the $9 per month subscription — unless you just really, really want to. The $6/month razor works plenty well.

One thing I’ve found is that the blades don’t hold up as long as name-brand blades do. As you know, I shave every single day. Because I’m weird like that! 😉 And I typically would only need to replace a cartridge every 3 1/2 weeks or so.

I find myself wanting to replace my cartridge at the 2 1/2 week mark with the razors. For me, since I’m the only one using the razors from Dollar Shave Club in our family right now, I definitely don’t need to get a shipment of 4 cartridges every single month. Switching to every other month for shipments works for me — and it makes it half the price I was paying!

One thing I did want to note is that Kris shared  with me and it says most of the razors from Dollar Shave Club are from Dorco and encourages people to order directly from Dorco — which I think is a great suggestion! It’s a little cheaper than Dollar Shave Club.

However, when ordering from Dorco, you have to remember to go and order blades. I think one of the major selling points of Dollar Shave Club is that you never mess with worrying about ordering razors; they just show up at your door at a price less than you’d usually pay at the store.

Have you tried out before? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it and whether you feel it’s worth the price.


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  • Sarah C says:

    We use Dollar Shave club and I love it! We probably get shipments just 3x per year and includes blades for myself and my husband. I’m happy because he was using super expensive Gillette Fusion blades. Plus, you can change how often shipments come easily.

  • Kim says:

    Thanks for the feedback! One other comment I would make is that you can redeem Swagbucks for Paypal cash, so you can pair that with DSC to still be getting your free razors. The $25 Paypal isn’t offered at the once per month 12% discount like the Amazon and other $25 gift cards are, so you’ll have to earn a few more SBs, but that should be worth it for the DSC savings!

  • Chris says:

    My husband re-uses razors for a long time. I am in menopause and don’t need to shave my legs as often. We probably don’t spend even $36 a year on razors. 🙂 (We are all in different seasons of life). 🙂

  • Robin says:

    We use Harry’s! Awesome customer service and even better razors!!

  • Kelly says:

    My husband is in the Navy and HAS to shave every day. Last Christmas I gifted him the Dollar Shave Club to see if he liked it and he was skeptical at first but after using them he decided he really likes them. He replaces the head weekly (b/c rough stubble on his face tends to wear out the blades quicker) but it’s still cheaper than when he was getting brand name razors that often. I started using them as well and don’t need blades that often so every once in a while I’ll add an extra pack of cartridges. We’re big fans!

  • Jamie says:

    My husband uses dollar shave club. Just looked at the Dorco site and they are more expensive. Unless I’m missing a promo code that would make them less expensive. He does the $6/mo, 4 blade razor.

    • Jenn says:

      Yup. 60c more for 4 pack, no matter how many you order (the executive)

      I too am wondering if there is some code?

  • Elizabeth says:

    Ok, old grandma here to tell you young uns a thing…one thing you can look forward to is as you age, and your hair leaves your head (somewhat), it will also leave your legs for the most part (some of it relocating to your chin and mustache line)…but for me, I generally only need to shave my legs about once a month now and maybe weekly underarms…so do they have a program for those of us who do not need it near so much as when we were young? I still would love to try out a really good quality razor…

    • ruth says:

      yes, only get it once a few months.. you can pause your shipment also.. I don’t like DSC cause of the crassness I did not ask for

  • 1ofeach says:

    Another happy Harry’s customer, but we don’t need to subscribe. We just purchase as needed.

  • Stephanie says:

    I gifted my husband the DSC for Fayher’s Day a few years ago. All I have to say is for 2 years we have not purchased razors anywhere else. I use them too. It is so inexpensive and we love the quality of the razors. It is an excellent product. I would recommend it to anyone.

  • Ann says:

    there are five of us now that shave in our house. Husband, teenage son, myself and two teenage girls. how does it work out to get multiple razors. Is that $6 for each of us?

    • Jo says:

      You can order multiple handles and then just share the blades — you could try the 4-cartridges per month subscription ($6/month) and if that’s not enough, you could bump it to two packages of 4-cartridges per month ($12/month).

  • Julia says:

    Yea – you did your review! I was waiting for this 🙂 My husband just joined less than a month ago and so far so good. He isn’t a fan of the face butter (or whatever it is) that has to sit for 15 minutes before shaving; but as far as the razors go he likes it. Guess I need to think about joining the bandwagon too.

  • Brianna Sprague says:

    So could you sign up for the first month for $1 and cancel after that and not have to pay for the next month?

  • Bethany says:

    So I disagree with the person who said Dorco is more expensive. When you first posted about razors (back in May?) I read all the comments and decided to try Dorco USA directly. I was a Venus razor user, the more blades the better! And I shave every day and their cheap plastic handles had a habit of breaking way too often.
    The awesome thing about Dorco USA is that shipping is free after $10, and if you leave items in your cart (as a logged in subscriber so they have your email) they’ll email you coupons to “check out” up to 20% off often! They also run sales repeatedly. I just purchased an extra awesome handle (for the gym, I still haven’t broken mine 7 months in) 3 regular 6 blade cartridges (comparable to the executive in DSC), and 24 of the divided 6-blade cartridges for $27. Which the divided 6 blade cartridges are AMAZING for women who shave daily. They last longer than the “executive” type 6 blades and they are much gentler. This order will last me well over 6 months and before I was paying that every 4 months at least for Venus products. $9 x even 4 months for Dollar Shave Club is $36. So perhaps for people who need less blades DSC is cheaper, but for me, Dorco USA direct is MUCH cheaper.

  • Heather says:

    We really like Dollar Shave Club here. I prefer the Executive over the 4x for a good shave. I tried the Humble Twin just to see how it worked and am back to the Executive. You used to be able to ask for an extra handle for free. The times we’ve switched around to see what we’ve liked best we’ve gotten a new handle for free so we have some extras for travel. One really important thing about DSC for us is their minimal packaging, at least compared to drug store razors. The amount of plastic per razor from the drug store is awful. DSC still has some unnecessary packaging, including the Bathroom Minutes, but at least most of that is paper and recyclable. I stopped getting the freebie disposable razors because I couldn’t justify all that I was throwing away.

    • Jo says:

      That’s a great point about the minimal packaging! Thanks so much for mentioning that!

      • Courtney says:

        That IS a great point! It’s SOOOOOOOO frustrating (and sometimes painful!) to try to get those packages open from the drugstore! (#firstworldproblems I know 😉 )

        Crystal- thank you for posting this review. I have checked into the DSC multiple times and just never did anything. I think I’m going to give it a try! 🙂

  • says:

    I decided to try the executive for the first month for $1!. Can’t hurt to try at that price! I’m a die-hard Venus 5-blade user so there was no way I would try less than the executive.

    Hoping it works well for me but I do have sensitive skin with bad eczema so if it doesn’t work well I’ll just stick with what I normally use unless someone on here has good advice for this!

    • Jo says:

      You’ll have to let us know what you think after you try it!

      • says:

        I got the executive razor. I had been using a Venus 5-blade so I wanted the Dollar shave club 6-blade one. I am super impressed with the heavy handle. And the blades hold up so much better than my Venus razor. I won’t pay to get blades each month but I might do every other or every third month! Thanks for doing this review and telling us about the $1 to try it. I’m sold!

  • Ruth says:

    Thank you for this review. Razors, replacing razors, and lack of sharpness, are an annoyance to us, so this might be a way to automate it and take the hassle out. I’m going to check it out!

  • Heather says:

    Swagbucks has an offer to earn swagbucks on your dollar shave club purhases!

  • Amylynn says:

    i was looking into this. i hit get email alerts and one popped up in my inbox. try your first month free and they sent u the promo code. yes it was all free, u just use the promo code at checkout, if u choose the 6 or 9 dollar razor its free shipping. i decided to go with the executive razor and my free month was literally 0 dollars at checkout most places make u pay shipping this one didnt either. i just placed my order so ill let u know in a few days when i get it. the thing i like about it is i dont gotta go out to the store every month to get them, they will come to me. which is important cause i dont drive at the moment and we live in the middle of nowhere. its just a few stores close by and the real important stores are many miles away. the closest mall is 45 minutes away. the closest applebees is 24 miles away. and all the other important stores are again at least 45-60 mins away. thankfully dunkin donuts is right around the corner from me. that being said this is a neat concept they have. the family dollar in my area while the deals are good, i find the prices for the 6 blades is way too high. PLUS they dont have the extra blades like dollar shave club does. so this seems worth it to me. i been hearing about it to and once i got the promo code for my free month…well i was in.

  • Karen says:

    I just started the DSC thing and so far, love it. My first shipment was the Executive and cartridges, shave butter, and member’s favorite trial kit. The shave butter is wonderful, the razor and cartridges give me a nice, close shave, and the hand lotion and hair cream that came in the trial kit are great. Haven’t tried the butt wipes yet. The variety of products at DSC is wonderful. I would love to try Harry’s just once as I have heard they are also wonderful.

  • Dave Sampieri says:

    I canceled after the initial shipment. I tried the 6 blade system because I was using the Gillette 5 blade.

    I don’t have a thick beard, I rinse the blade after every swipe, but each time I use it I nick or cut myself 4 or 5 times. Every time!

    I’ve been using Gillette pro-glide, of one variety or another, for years and I can honestly say that I can’t remember the last time I’ve cut or nicked myself. Maybe once a year, if that. It just never happens. And since I don’t every day, a single blade lasts more than a month.

    Their blades may be a lot less expensive, but for me, the results are nowhere near the same.

  • Ray Knutson says:

    Might be cheaper, and it may be a great shave, but I am not willing to find out… (Gillette Fusion costs me $0.13 per month now

    I have used the Gillette Fusion for several years. I shave every day. The blades last a LONG time. I wrote the date on the case the last time I changed blades. It was 09/25/2017. I am still using that blade, but the protective strip is starting to come loose, so I will need to change in a week or two. I bought one for my brother in Switzerland. He tells me the blades last him over a year. $17 for four blades might seem like a lot of money, but if I get 32+ months out of them, That’s $0.13 per month.

    You may have noticed that Gillette has realized they made a product that is too good. That is why over a year ago they began telling people in their advertisements to change their blades as soon as the blue line on the lubricating strip disappears. Clearly they were losing money because their blades lasted too long.

    Maybe some of these “club” blades would last well too, but since I get a great shave with no nicks and it only costs me thirteen cents per month. Why would I bother changing?

  • Larry says:

    I was a Dollar shave club member, but it’s lies to the members stating you can pause your deliveries as long as you want caused me to cancel and leave their club. They state you can pause your deliveries, which is not true. I tried following their instructions how to pause my deliveries, as I decided to grow a beard and did not need blades for quite a while as I have a lot on hand, and that feature is not there, I chatted with a representative named Chance and she said it was not possible that I could only delay up to 6 months or cancel my membership. So I did cancel, do not like being misled or what I call being lied to. Will switch back to Harry’s when ready.

  • Dale says:

    I just cancelled my Dollar Shave Club account after being a member for 18 months.
    Great product, but their shipping delivery time is so slow, and I failed to even get 3 of my shipments. The slow deliveries are puzzling since customer service is super responsive and helpful when I have ed them.
    They would send out replacements and give me a credit. In this day in age, why does it take 3 weeks after notice of the shipment for a small package of razors to arrive?

    I’m done, out, see ya!

  • Amy Brown says:

    I was wondering about their comment that is good for coarse hair women and there’s “no more stubble.” Is that true?

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