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How to Save Money by Taking Pictures at Home


Liz emailed the following tip:

As a new mama, I worked outside of the home and had a very nice income, so I took my daughter to a professional photographer for all her first year pictures without blinking an eye.

Once I started to stay at home and we added three more kiddos to our family, professional pictures were no longer the rule, but a very rare exception.

Although, we couldn’t afford professional pictures of our kids all of the time, I still wanted to have some sweet, quality pictures to hang on the wall. So, I began to experiment and research great ways to get high-quality photos of my kids, without breaking the bank.

taking photos collage

Here few tips for taking great pictures in the comfort of your own home:

  1. Set your baby up a few feet off of the ground. This puts your child at an easier level for you to photograph. I always have someone there to help in case the babe begins to roll or squirm — safety first!
  2. Grab some cute blankets, quilts, fabrics, or even a simple sheet. In this shot, I had a vintage quilt that was a family heirloom, a black and white striped blanket, and a fuzzy, white bathrobe that I used for the base prop. It is always good to use texture below the baby if you are doing a naked-baby shoot. If your babe was clothed with color and pattern, go with a simple, solid base blanket.
  3. Gather a few simple baby props. I used a baby bonnet in this photo shoot. I have used hats, headbands, wraps, and even kept a bare head before. Again, the key is to not have too much texture, but to also have enough to add interest.
  4. Make sure you have good lighting. In this example, we are in our nursery next to the window.  This ensures that I don’t have to use the flash and my camera can gather enough light to make the picture crisp and clear.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and found inspiration to take your own photos at home! Once you take the leap, you’ll never go back (or at least not very often!)

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  • cassie says:

    what camera do you use? is it user friendly?

  • Heather @ MyMothermode says:

    While amateurs, we have done this for years and love it! Gone are the days of making studio appointments between naps & feedings, packing up, commuting, and enduring cries and diaper leaks.

    Beanbags covered with a blanket and set by a window also work. Our favorite spot for warm weather is a covered porch- beautiful filtered light. Now that ours are too big for blankets, we have to go outside- bushes, trees, or weathered wood make nice backdrops.

    • Liz says:

      Yes! We always go into the timber behind our house for the older kiddos. I do like to support photographers in our area, but I can’t afford to do that very often- only every 3 years, or so. 🙂

  • Misty Nicole Roberts says:

    I love this post! I have been “into” photography since taking a class in middle school. My photography teacher once taught us a lesson on using this very technique, and it’s still an oldie but a goodie! In addition, my husband recently built me a white light box, so I am now attempting to better snap photos of recipes and items, too! I also love taking homemade photos and turning them into photo canvases when deals come down the pike! With the price of studio sessions in my area in excess of three hundred dollars a session, being able to take, edit, and manipulate your own shots, on a budget is the best!

  • Danielle Gregory says:

    i had so much fun photographing our first grandbaby! looking forward to two more this year!;7ugvR7dimm9Y~_nLbc4732qbC9n4RcEMm0z2XdrbieY38NrATsc~_6~_7h~;47336~_vyHPUZ1Kmo~-.bps.a.537927599572164.123382.417068901658035/539427272755530/?type=1&theater

  • Diane says:

    I take so many photos but chose to spend the money on a professional for newborn pics of my twins. They turned out great. I have seen friends’ photos taken by someone who is a rather amateur trying to make a business out of photography and they were really awful, washed out and all that. I would have been really disappointed if those had been my photos and sometimes I think you spend the extra money knowing that your photographer is worth is for a once in a lifetime investment.

  • Holly says:

    where can I find a bonnet like that?!

  • chrystal says:

    I try and try to get creative at home! I’ve definitely taken some keepers. We’ve never been able to afford an actual photographer (for photos onsite) but JCP portraits are $3.99/sheet, so no excuses not to have some professionals on the wall.

  • Amy says:

    I will always regret not hiring a professional photographer to do our wedding photos. We hired one only for the reception.

  • Kristie says:

    Great post, and I agree 100%! In fact, now that my kids are almost grown (the oldest being 18), I think my homemade pictures are actually some of my favorites over the years. The studio smiles sometimes turned out forced because of time crunches and the tendency of my kids in their early years to fear the photographer (no matter how nice they were!). And if you photograph outside (especially right before dusk–at the “bewitching hour”), your lighting should be just right. 🙂 Darling picture of your little sweetheart!

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