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Snap App: Are you having trouble getting your rebates?

Snap App

A reader emailed in yesterday:

I, like a lot of other couponers, have been having HUGE issues with Snap lately and I’m thinking it would be great if you ladies could get someone from Snap to answer some questions about the SLOW processing times, rejected receipts, money disappearing from accounts, etc. You’ve probably already heard about all the issues they are having but if not just check their FB page. -Alison

I am trying to get to the bottom of this, because I’ve not had any trouble with the Snap App personally. However, I don’t want to be promoting something if there are a bunch of issues with it or people aren’t going to get their money.

So let me know: what has your experience been with Snap? Have you had any trouble with getting your cashback?

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  • Rehana says:

    I submitted my receipt last Saturday got a response with 12 hours, but they are still “processing my receipt” and I haven’t heard anything since.

    • Cheryl says:

      I submitted a receipt on october 10 and it went through yesterday. I emailed them and they are having difficulty getting the receipts through. The app is new.

  • says:

    Yes! I just started using the app a few weeks ago and have had a lot of trouble…rejecting receipts that should have worked as well as taking as long as 2 weeks to process receipts. Also they dis not follow up with either email I sent them. I am not on social media. I thought it might just be me.

  • Gina says:

    Took a week to get credit for my first receipt. Still waiting on the second (been a week today). And on my first receipt I only got credit for one cup of yogurt when I bought two. Didn’t seem like it was worth haggling with customer service over 50 cents, though. I’m not terribly happy with Snap so far, however, they’ve had a lot of offers on things I use and would buy anyway. So I guess I might as well keep submitting receipts and hoping for the best. Checkout 51 by far works better, but they rarely have offers I’ll use other than produce, which doesn’t amount to much.

  • Alison says:

    I have also had trouble with my receipts not processing. Its very frustrating to look at my account and see 5 receipts trying to process…….

  • Sabrina says:

    I’ve had zero problems with the app. I got credit within 3 days, which I thought very reasonable. Someone mentioned they only got credit for one item, when they bought two…I’m fairly certain the app just credits you for one purchase. I could be mistaken, but I can’t see them paying me .50 for each item.

    • Gina says:

      Pretty sure the “someone” you referred to was me. . .Some of the offers have no redemption limit, therefore you should get credit for whatever number you buy of that item.

      • Barbie says:

        Maybe if you had purchased them on seperate transactions? Only thing I can think of. I bought multiple yogurts as well but only got one rebate also.

  • Jennifer Robertson says:

    Yes I am having trouble as well. I signed up the first time you posted about the app, that was 2 weeks ago I believe. I submitted 3 receipts that weekend and now 2 weeks later only 1 has been processed. I’m still waiting on the other 2. I did email them over a week ago and they said with the rollout in the US it is taking longer to process but it should only be temporary. We’ll see whenever my first couple receipts ever get processed 🙁

  • Dolly says:

    I have had the same problems. The first receipt I submitted over a week ago has not been processed and then $2 was suddenly gone! I actually called and spoke to a guy and this is what he told me…” Our app was mentioned on a couple of shows and we are overwhelmed with receipts. We are trying to get them processed as soon as possible. We are showing the $17 in your account(even though I see $15) and what that means is, we have already processed $2 worth of items so that is a good thing. He says eventually it will all get worked out.

    I’m not holding my breath or redeeming anymore until they get caught up. Even though the wipes will be free ,if I ever get my receipts processed, that money is still tied up. I feel they should have been ready to handle the demand when they put out extremely large offers such as those.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I redeemed 2 rebates for the baby wipes which had put my total balance of unconfirmed receipts to 10.75. The next day it said my balance 5.25 and only .50 was waiting to be confirmed which means I won’t be getting credit for those wipes purchases. Not only that, but it took over a week for my first receipt to be confirmed. I just don’t want to purchase something and money disappear from my account.

  • Chris h says:

    Yes I add items to my cart went to store bought several items, including the huggies wipes and when I went to submit my receipt they were all gone. I check the app in the parking lot of the store.

    • kimberly says:

      The same thing happens to me. Its available before i walk into the store, available when i scan my receipt but all gone when i need to chose items. They are definitely NOT prompt about keeping up to date on their apps as well as processing receipts. Been three weeks and still waiting to confirm. Emailed them and they just apologized and said they were overwhelmed.

  • Veronica says:

    Waiting almost 2 weeks so far for my first couple of receipts to be accepted…

  • Di says:

    I was t aware of any issues til I saw your post, took a look at my account and it’s empty, all the money I earned over the last 2 months is gone 🙁

  • says:

    I scanned in 2 receipts on October 4th. 1 was processed just 2 hours later! But the other one has still not processed through yet.

  • L.L. says:

    What is Snap App?

    • Jo says:

      It’s basically a cash back app that’s new on the scene from Groupon. You can click on the links in the post to read more about it.

  • KellyinPA says:

    Tried it for the first time last Saturday after reading about it on December212012 and , so far, no refund.:( It’s only been a week though so I’m not giving up yet.

  • Christine says:

    My receipts wouldn’t upload and by the time I got it to work the offer was gone. I was attempting to get the huggies wipes which would have been $12.

  • Jess says:

    Also waiting over a week for receipts to be reviewed. $6 disappeared from my balance and I emailed them – the rep replied that the $6 was there, just was “processing” so deducted from the balance but not yet applied to earned funds. They promised everything should be reviewed with 7 days but it’s been longer than that. Given that it’s a new program (only a few weeks old) I’ll give them another month to get things straightened out. If it works as promised, it will be really helpful for racking up date-night funds 🙂

  • Jess says:

    I found one of the deals was gone when I went to snap my receipt so I started to send in the snaps before leaving the store (in case the items weren’t available when I got home). Then I could make an immediate return (since I don’t have a baby but was giving away the baby items since they were so cheap or free!)

  • Sue says:

    I just started using Snaps and they just took 10 days to process my first two receipts. Also there was a problem with the first one so they subtracted the money from my account. But to their credit after I emailed them with copies of my receipts, essentially a re-entry they did re-credit my account. I never did get an explanation of the delay.

  • Heidi says:

    I haveused it and have not had a problem. Within 24 hours I have gotten credit for my purchases. The checkout 51 app, however, never works on my phone. I have to always upload on my laptop.

  • Stacey says:

    It’s taking at least a week for my receipts to be accepted and the money to be put into my “account.” Other then that, no problems here.

  • Rochelle says:

    I had the first 2 receipts go through quickly but now I have 2 pending for a while, , 1 I sent through the email as instructed and never received anything.
    But, I’m not buying anything I wouldn’t normally so anything I get is bonus.

  • Erika says:

    I just checked my acct after reading this post and all my credit has disappeared except for 50 cents! Very disappointed!

  • Cara says:

    I also downloaded the Snap app after reading about it on your site. I received email confirmation that my receipts were being processed, but still no go a week and a half later. Thankfully I did not buy anything I would not have bought anyways. However, I have had nice success with Checkout 51 which I downloaded at the same time. So that’s also how I saved today: using a super convenient alternative to clipping coupons 🙂

  • Anna says:

    I was extremely frustrated with the fact that from the time I left the store and got home to upload my receipt, 3 of the 5 rebates I was going to claim were “all gone.” If they are going to make a rebate app, they need to put them up for a specific period of time (like Checkout 51) or have an expiration date (like iBotta). I was cheated out of $7 in rebates in the 10 minutes it took me to get home!!!

  • Julie says:

    I waited a long time for my receipt to be processed. The smaller produce items were credited, but my milk claim was rejected. Of course, I have since thrown the receipt away and can not resend it, but I’m pretty sure the milk I bought was listed as “milk” and nothing cryptic on the receipt. I also noticed that Snap rarely adds new offers or refreshes offers like Checkout 51 does. At first I was excited about Snap, but now Checkout 51 is the clear winner between the two.

  • SWalker says:

    I have two receipts that have been processed, but had trouble when I purchased the Glad trash bags, the app kept rejecting my receipt. I ended up giving up, but it was worth $1.

  • Kelley Bastian says:

    I, too, am having trouble with this App. I submitted a receipt (from Aldi) for $1 off a gallon of milk (who doesn’t want to save $1 off of milk?). I made sure the receipt was legible, name of store, date of purchase, items purchased, etc., and waited forever for a response. Then I finally get a response that my receipt was rejected because they could not read the date. I mean, come on!! They said I could resubmit the receipt if I wanted. By then, I had no idea where I put it! I just went shopping a couple days ago and tried the App again. If it still doesn’t work, I’m gonna delete it from my phone!

  • Julie says:

    Interestingly, as a follow up. I commented on this a couple hours ago, this morning. Just now I got an email saying my milk credit had been added to my account. Two weeks ago, when I submitted the receipt with milk, it was rejected. I did nothing about this situation, until I commented here on this blog. Suddenly it is resolved! I’m glad, but it’s still kind of creepy.

  • says:

    Submitted receipts 2 weeks ago today … still NOTHING credited to my account. :/. Called customer service on Monday, sat on hold for 30 minutes. Was told the 48 hours they state on their app is now 7 business days so said to wait until Tuesday and I should have account credited. Got email confirming our conversation and she said if I didn’t get credit by Wednesday to reply. Replied to email on Wednesday. It is now SATURDAY! No credit in my account, no response to email… Nothing.

    Just waiting for my credit to get added and then I am cashing out and deleting app. It’s just not worth the frustration.

  • Kim says:

    It took a good two weeks for my receipt to be processed.

  • Joy Prevatte says:

    I’ve been waiting about 2 weeks for my receipt to be approved. I also haven’t received my referral credit. I was really excited about the ease of using the app when I started but disappointed with how long I’m waiting for the money to go into my account. I like the other money saving apps much better so far.

  • Diana B says:

    YES! I submitted a receipt with 6 packages of Huggies to get an $18 rebate but two weeks later I get a message that they couldn’t see the date on the receipt!

    • Jasmine Williams says:

      I think that’s a scam phase because I should have received $21 and that’s the same excuse they gave me!!!

  • debbie says:

    Still nothing on my $17 submitted. I’ve ed them twice through the app, but no response at all.

  • Robin Lynch says:

    I just wanted to update from my original comment. My one and only receipt from October 4th has finally been fully processed and I have the full amount I had been expeciting now in my account. I don’t believe my referral is listed correctly yet however. This app definitely went out way too fast for what they were prepared for. I am not sure if any of the current deals are worth my while yet but I am still watching just in case. I am not throwing in the towel on this app yet but they definitely have a far way to go to fix all the issues.

  • autumn says:

    19 days and im still waiting for the huggies rebate to process. What an awful company.

  • Harold mcintyre says:

    Tried to open snap yesterday but was asked for login info. Never asked before. Have used snap for 7 months. Have $75 built up. Now snap tells me I don’t have an account so I guess the money is gone. Pretty easy way for them to avoid paying. Just eliminate the account. Wonder how many thousands they pocketed by doing this. Never a problem with checkout 51. Always paid promptly. Very disappointed. Will never use any groupon related app again.

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