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I’m No Longer a Wannabe

I'm No Longer a Wannabe

“I’m no .”

The words spilled off my tongue last week as I was trying to explain my writing style to a company who wanted to possibly have me do some projects with them.

After I got off the phone, I realized what a big deal it was that I said those words. And, more importantly, that I said them with courage and confidence.

You see, for years, I wanted to be able to write poetically, beautifully, and poignantly. I wanted to be a wordsmith and an artist as a writer.

I’d read books by these writers. I’d study their writing style. I’d convince myself that I could write like that. And then I’d try… and the final result would come up short.

But I kept trying, because I thought that a writer had to write in beautiful phrases and word pictures. Otherwise, you weren’t a writer; you were a wannabe.

Slowly, ever so slowly, these past few years, I’ve stopped trying to be who I thought I was “supposed” to be and started embracing who God has made me to be. I stopped wishing I had her gifts or her talents, and started owning the gifts and talents God had given me.

And you know what? There’s been immense freedom and fulfillment in that.

I won’t ever be as poetic as or as picturesque as or as deep as , and that’s 100% okay. My gift is to take big-picture concepts and break them down into bite-sized pieces. My writing style is practical and actionable. My voice is conversational.

That’s who God has created me to be as a writer… and I’m completely content with it.

Yes, I want to grow as a writer. Yes, I want to improve. Yes, I hope that I continue to stretch and challenge myself so I don’t stay in the safe zone as a writer.

But I’ve stopped wishing I were someone else and started owning my own voice. Because it’s the one I’ve been given.

I have a message that others need to hear. I have a way of sharing things that will be different than , or , or . Because I’m the best version of me that exists.

I’m no longer a wannabe. I’m a writer.

Will you join me in this journey of seeking to embrace who God has called us to be? You are the best version of YOU. Believe it, own it, and live it!

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  • Michelle says:

    I’m a longtime reader of your blogs since the beginning 🙂 The other authors you mentioned are beautifully talented writers with a large following, but I honestly have always preferred writers like yourself. I am very practical, no nonsense and I don’t really relate to the other bloggers/authors as well as I relate to your writing style. You are very talented and have inspired many. I hope you are encouraged by this:)

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