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21 Days to a Simple Christmas: Days 12 & 13

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It’s Day 12 & 13 of the 21 Days to a Simple Christmas Challenge!

Delicious food is one of the best things about Christmas, in my opinion! 🙂 But who wants to slave away in the kitchen all day on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Here are a some ideas of things you can make ahead of time and freeze to make your Christmas meal preparations smoother and leave you more time to just savor the season:

1. Cookie Dough

Make up a double or triple batch of cookie dough and keep it in the freezer to give as gifts or to use when company drops by unexpectedly or you need a treat to take to a gathering at the last minute. Here’s one of my favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipes.

2. Baking Mix

Make Homemade Baking Mix in order to quickly whip up a pan of Cinnamon Roll Biscuits for Christmas morning. You can use it in place of Bisquick in any recipe.

3. Biscuit Dough

One year, I made biscuit dough ahead of time and stuck it in the freezer to be able to quickly make Brown Sugar Biscuit Twists for a Christmas Brunch at my family’s house the day after Christmas.

4. Scone Mixes

You can put together the dry ingredients from a scone recipe like this Glazed Cinnamon Scone recipe and freeze them. Then, it’s a snap to whip up a batch of scones since you’ll already have the dry ingredients measured out.

5. Scone Dough

If you want to really speed up prep time for scones, you can also make the dough up ahead of time and cut the scones and flash freeze them. Just pull them out, thaw, and bake to have fresh scones without almost zero effort! Our very favorite scone recipe is this Pumpkin Scone recipe (you can also find a gluten-free version here.)

6. Cinnamon Rolls

Fresh Cinnamon Rolls just can’t be beat, but they can be time-consuming to make! Reduce your workload by making the dough in the bread machine and then roll out, cut, and freeze them. Find detailed directions on how to freeze, thaw, and bake Cinnamon Rolls here.

7. Butterhorns

Looking for a delicious roll recipe that can be made ahead and frozen? Check out our family’s Butterhorn recipe. It’s a little time-intensive, but oh so worth it!

8. Christmas Candy

What’s Christmas without candy? My World’s Easiest Christmas Candy recipe is a winner–and it can be made ahead and frozen (if any of it lasts that long!)

9. Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

This Chocolate Chip Banana Bread freezes really well and is perfect to make ahead in little loaf pans and give as gifts or to serve for a Christmas brunch. Not a banana bread fan? Try my Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin recipe.

10. Drink Mixes

Homemade drink mixes are great to give as gifts or to have on hand to serve at Christmas get-togethers. Plus, you can keep them for months in the freezer!

What are some of your favorite Christmas foods to make ahead and freeze? Share the recipe links in the comments!

Day 12 & 13 Project

1. Read chapter 8 from Celebrating & Savoring a Simple Christmas. (Did you sign up for your free copy yet? If not, click here and fill out the form to be emailed a copy.)

2. Choose at least 2-4 recipes to make next week. These can be Christmas goodies or things for your Christmas meals. You choose! I’m going to be picking some Christmas goodies — probably things off my Recipes I Want to Try Pinterest board. I’ll let you know what I choose on Monday.

3. Take some time to just stop and enjoy your Sunday — even if it’s just 5 minutes of quiet or taking time to write down blessings from this past week. Step back and refresh, relax, and refuel. Life doesn’t always need to be lived at breakneck speed!

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  • Katie says:

    I just have to share this great Christmas recipe that I got from another wonderful blogger for Raspberry Truffle Brownies. Here’s the link to my blog with has a link to hers

    • Katie says:

      Trying again here – tired mama typing fingers 🙂

  • Amy Girven says:

    So trying some of these today

  • Lenore says:

    You mentioned flash freezing the scones, but how do I do it? Thanks!

    • Linda says:

      Separate the scones (so they are not touching) on a cookie sheet and put them in the freezer for a couple of hours. After a couple of hours, remove them from the freezer and put them all in a labeled/dated freezer bag and put back in the freezer.

  • Shelly says:

    I always host the Christmas dinner at our house. So I do freezer cook as much as I can before the big day. I also like plan super simple meals this time of year too. It makes getting dinner ready after a busy day so much easier.

    I have about 18 recipes I want to make this week, so I can deliver Christmas plates to all the neighbors this weekend. Most of the recipes I make are super easy so I should be able to get them all done. My daughter helped me with two candy recipes today so we are already on our way.

  • Lana says:

    I have all of my main dishes done and frozen. I have also done the rolls and breads and am in the process of making cookies. It is so nice to just thaw and heat all of Christmas week.

  • Mandi says:

    I just want to point out, if you are gifting drink mix- you may NOT want to send it in the mail. One year I made Chai Tea mix and sent it to family. We have family in Colorado. All of the drink mixes exploded in the mail- all over the rest of their gifts. At least it smelled good.

  • Bethany says:

    I have tried most of these recipes and they are fantastic. This is a great reminder for me to get some stuff in the freeezer!!! Which is much needed because the freezer is getting empty. Some of these like the banana bread would be great for gifts too!

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