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Yesterday’s Aldi Shopping Trip

I stopped by Aldi yesterday when I was out running errands and here’s what I picked up:

Aldi Shopping Trip

  • 2 lbs of strawberries — $0.99 each
  • 4 Avocados — $0.25 each
  • 7.13 lbs. of bananas — $0.29 per lb. = $1.31
  • 1 bag of chicken breasts — $6.29
  • 4 containers of Greek yogurt — $0.85 each = $3.40
  • Total with tax: $15 even

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  • Mandy says:

    Man your Aldi prices are so much lower than mine! I went in today for the strawberries and they were $1.59 each, avacados were $0.99 each, bananas were $0.44 a pound. I didn’t realize that their prices varries so much by region

    • Crystal says:

      Yes, the sales do vary by region. Hopefully, you’ll have $0.99 strawberries coming your way soon! I typically just get the sale priced items as those are the best deals.

    • Emily says:

      Actually, the new Aldi ad/Special Buys start on Wednesdays, so that’s probably why you are seeing a price difference. (I think Crystal went on Tuesday, which would have been different specials)

      • Crystal says:

        Thank you so much for mentioning that! I had meant to say that in my post — and then I totally forgot… and I forgot when I was answering comments, too.

        Oh where is my brain today? I also called bracelets “blankets” a little while ago. Don’t know where that came from… but maybe my brain is missing the coffee, sugar, and gluten?!? 😉

        • Emily says:

          Haha! 🙂 I usually blame my brain lapses on my 11 week old daughter, but I don’t eat gluten (have celiac), so maybe it’s that? lol! 😉

  • Laura says:

    I can tell you live in a less expensive part of the country. Our Aldi prices are not quite that good, but are low for here. Our Aldi has 1.39 strawberries and .44 bananas in comparison, which are good prices for here.

    • Crystal says:

      It sounds like your store might be running different sales this week — I think $0.44 is the regular price of bananas.

  • We have a new Aldi’s in the neighborhood. On my first trip, I found a good deal on Greek yogurt and avocados like you did and burger, chicken, English muffins and tortilla chips, too.

  • Lisa Pepper says:

    Yeah, my Aldi had Kaiser hamburger buns and hot dogs buns for 10cents each!!

  • Kristen Cook says:

    I love reading your posts about what you buy but I’d also love to see what your menus look like (that you use the items purchased for). Do you plan our your meals for the week ahead of time and only shop for the items you need or do you chart the sales first and then plan meals?

  • Jacki Kianmehr says:

    Aldi is my favorite place to get groceries and great buys! I bought the strawberries and bananas too. We have had one box a day of these great berries.

  • SandyH says:

    My Aldi prices here in Houston are the same as yours. Aldi is new to our area and I have to say, I haven’t bought one thing that wasn’t great. The goat cheese, the fresh mozzarella….not only did the prices blow me away, the products were really good. And you just can’t beat the price on eggs(.79) and milk…1.89 a gallon?? My regular store price is 1.99 for a HALF- gallon!

    I think it takes the average American a few trips to get used to Aldi. We are so accustomed to dozens of choices for each like item…. But honestly, is that necessary? I know our economy thrives on competition, but it seems so excessive to me to have ten different types/ categories/ thicknesses/ of diapers, say, all the marketing tools like ” Cruisers” and “Swaddlers”…they’re just diapers!

    Now having said all that, I am the first to admit I’m definitely a shopper who has to reign herself in regularly to have any hope of staying on a budget. It has just been since shopping at Aldi that all this occurred to me. ( when I saw ONE brand of diapers, ONE brand of ibuprofen, ONE brand of wipes…etc.) I still have my favorites. But there’s nothing wrong with giving those a try, I figure.

    • Sol says:

      Aldi Diapers are great! The straps sometimes get weak but they are just as absorbent. My 1yr old wears his diaper ALL night long and has not gotten a rash.

    • Heather says:

      This is also why my non shopping husband is willing to run into Aldi for me if he is in town and I have a list. I can say get milk, bananas, tortilla chips, etc and he knows he can get it and not have to stress. He LOVES that there is basically one choice for each thing and he doesn’t have to price compare or worry about which size I meant or brand or anything.

      And we use disposables for overnights once our kid are a year old and Aldi is our go to brand as well. They are great! And recently I bought their Mode shampoo and my husband says he loves the new shampoo…told him it was from Aldi and he laughed. Now I’ll be buying that all the time too!

      The other fun secret…there products are made by the number 1 or 2 brand in any given category. I interviewed to be a district manager with them and learned a lot of behind the scenes stuff. So their mustard is made by either the 1 or 2 top selling mustard brand, the same with their cereals, and everything else! You are getting the same quality and a much lower price point because the companies like that they can sell that one version in such large quantities!

  • rebeccasdelightfulhome says:

    I love my Aldi! We had huge blackberries for .99 (as well as the .99 strawberries)! If you like hummus, that is a great deal at Aldi, too – under $2 (and it’s delicious!!). Do you have a Trader Joes close by (same owners as Aldi)? If you do, you have to try their pizza dough (found by the cheese). It’s about $1.20 here. I used to make my homemade crust until I tried Trader Joes. It is delicious & so inexpensive! I have tried freezing it as well & it thaws and cooks just fine. Just thought I’d share that with you! ;o) (not gluten free, but if you are making pizza for your family, it’s easy & so good!)

  • Whitney says:

    When avocados are this cheap at Aldi, I always buy at least a dozen and freeze them. Just slice in half, peel, and slip into a freezer bag. There is very little change in consistency when thawed, and since we use ours for avocado chocolate milkshakes, pudding, or the occasional guacamole, you can never tell they were previously frozen.

  • Ashley R says:

    I love Aldi! I am surprised at how many people refuse to shop there or just don’t because of the convenience of going elsewhere. There are so many great deals. I even like that they change things up as you never know what you might find but they still always have the staples that I need.

    • Whitney says:

      I actually find Aldi to be more convenient than a larger grocery store. I have 3 kids ages 4 and under, and I can take them all in with me and still get the week’s shopping done in 10-15 minutes. It’s also the only store I can send my husband to, with minimal concern that he will bring home the wrong thing. If he takes our 4-year-old with him, it’s even better, as he can tell his dad exactly where to find everything on the list. Try doing that at Kroger!

  • Marie says:

    That’s interesting about you ad/specials. here is MN. the ad is from Sunday-Sat. and the special buy meat is only Wed. Otherwise all the prices are the same for the week.
    Typically what happens if say banana’s are .25cents it’s because they got a huge shipment and want to sell before they go bad. It happened here two weeks ago and organic banana’s were .25cents for 2 pounds. Many times I will find deals like this on bread too. They have to predict sales from week to week.
    I’ve never seen avocado’s that low though. That’s great.

  • Nicci says:

    We have 2 in diapers, I usually buy our diapers and wipes at Aldi. I have never had a problem with them, they have worked just as well for me as the name brands. The only thing I miss when I don’t buy name brand is the scent. Name brand diapers have this nice scent to them that I love. I like Aldi’s wipes just as well as the name brand wipes too.

    • Sarah :) says:

      And, they just changed their wipes to SOFT (instead of cheap sandpaper, like the walmart wipes) like pampers softcare or target brand. I LOVE their new wipes 😀

  • Aimee says:

    I worked at Aldi for 2 years when I was younger. They paid better than any other grocery store in town. I started at $11 an hour – and no store was paying that then. The thing is – you do work your butt off. At Aldi each staff member is responsible for doing every job from stock, cashier, re-stock, customer service, cleaning and more.
    But because they pay their employee well – the employees are willing to work hard. And because they establish these relationships, Aldi does not have a huge turnover. And this helps keep prices low.
    I think it’s hard for anyone to step outside their comfort zone. We wonder…is the food okay since it’s priced so low? Especially with produce. But as someone who worked behind the scenes, Aldi has great quality products and produce.
    There are so many ways to save money – and too many of us are too set in our ways to venture out and discover new opportunity. But Aldi is a great first step.

  • nicole says:

    how come u dont make your own yogurt anymore? i used ur crockpot version as a inspiration & make it once a week. i strain it & using a gallon of milk from aldi, my cost savings is 50% savings over greek yogurt in a 2 lb tub u buy @ the grocery store.

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