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A Peek Into Our Week

We continued our crazy New Year’s Eve tradition of getting together with my extended family and playing all sorts of goofy games. I’ll spare you the pictures of our dress up like Santa Claus game or the hula-hooping tournament since I’m pretty sure those are saved for blackmail purposes ;), but here’s one of Kathrynne attempting to make it under the yardstick in our game of limbo.

My sister and her husband and three children surprised us and drove down from Michigan for a few days. Kathrynne and Kaitlynn loved getting to play with their cousin, Cadence, who is right in between them in age.

I’ve been loving doing more knitting recently. Dishcloths are my favorite thing to do since they are so simple and I can actually finish one in a week or so, just by working on it every evening during our family reading/Bible time.

I splurged and bought myself the More Than a Dozen Dishcloths book off of Amazon. There are at least ten patterns in there that I can actually understand and follow so I’m excited to try them out over the next few months.

Guess who decided he wanted to start potty-training this week? Yep, Mr. I-Am-Not-At-All-Interested-In-Potty-Training!

Silas has been in big boy underwear much of the week and has only had a few accidents. I’m over the moon! He got to celebrate his success with some ice cream. 🙂

Did anything exciting or interesting happen at your house this week?

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  • The Frugal Free Gal says:

    I brought my brand new baby girl home from the hospital! You know things are interesting here! 🙂 She’s wonderful!

  • Challice says:

    Oh Crystal how wonderful in potty training Silas! What a big boy!
    My son finally is potty trained at 3 yrs old! My daughter was under 2! Only a handful of accidents that I can count on one hand!

    That dishcloth is my favorite. So easy to make… and I’m doing it out of that exact yarn!
    If you wanna more free patterns there is a place online called its a wonderful site, You have to sign up and get approved but its worth it. I have found such simple dishcloth patterns on there and then I didnt have to buy books that I dont have room for. 🙂

    • Crystal says:

      I signed up for ravelry a few weeks back and spent an entire hour trying to find simple dishcloth patterns there and online. I finally gave up. I must not know how to search or something, because everything I found wasn’t free or the link didn’t work or it wasn’t easy enough for a novice knitter like me. I finally gave up and bought that book.

      I know there have to be tons of patterns out there, but apparently I don’t know how to find them! Any links or suggestions?

      • Challice says:

        Ok, you can do Quick Search box for patterns and type in beginner dishcloth or even just dishcloth. Or you can click the box at the top labeled patterns, and search that way. And then another way I sort is on the left hand side, I want knitted pattern, I want them free, and Ravelry download (instead of another site to download the patterns) It’ll narrow your search.

        See if that helps. A couple easy pattern are, The Bee Stitch dishcloth, Grandma’s Favorite (which your doing in your photo) but there is a heart shaped one using that pattern taht would be fun, Checkered dishcloth (knit 4, purl 4, knit 4, purl 4 is all it is :)) I recently did one that was a heart pattern but each row is different so it was more difficult for me but also more fun and challenging. I’d do a few dishcloths before attempting that one. 😉 It was called Heart Lace Washcloth.

        Hope that helps some. 🙂 It took a while for me to get it and I’ve been on there 2 years and I still havent figured out the saving of patterns and whatnot. 😛

        • Delores says:

          Hi Challice,

          you can save patterns in your library when you click to download it and it says “Save in Library” underneath the link to download the PDF.

          Also, I keep my list of patterns I want to do in my faves — just click add to faves in the upper right. That way when it comes time, I can just go to my faves and look for the pattern I want.

          Hope that helps!


      • Delores says:

        Crystal, I think everyone is sort of overwhelmed the first time on ravelry, or the first few times. Here is how I search:

        click on the “Patterns” tab at the top
        click on “Pattern browser and advanced search” near the top
        click on knitting (on the left)
        click on yes for having a photo (left side)
        click on free (left side)
        click on home, then cleaning, washcloth/dishcloth (left side)
        then, if you know it, you can also select the size yarn (probably worsted) (left side)

        my favorite dishcloth pattern, by far, is Devin’s dishcloth.
        Plus, I like the scrunchable scarf pattern but only do it the size of a dishcloth.

        Obviously, if you want to search for something else you would select that and not washcloth/dishcloth. 🙂

        if you can see my email address, the first part is also my ravelry userid and feel free to message me via rav any time. I love it when people learn to knit — I figure the more people knitting for each other, the fewer people fighting and arguing. 🙂

  • Ashley Radabaugh says:

    You have a beautiful family!! Are dish clothes pretty easy to make? I’m trying to teach myself how to knit and looking for something simple.

    • Mrs. R. says:

      Yes–REALLY simple! In fact, it’s what more than one knitting teacher I know uses the pattern that’s all knit-stitch, that’s in Crystal’s picture above, as the lesson!

      I’m a beginner, too, and find it very satisfying to make these….and, as a SAHM, a wonderful way to get a sense of accomplishment (Ihave the time to knit)!

      And thank you, Crystal, for suggesting this book—just put it on Hold at the Library. 🙂

  • Oh, that’s AWESOME about the potty training! My third one was my easiest in that regard, and I was so, so happy about that. I loathe potty training with all my being. 😉

  • Kayla says:

    You have such a beautiful family! I have never gotten the hang on knitting, but I do like to crochet.. But I may just try knitting, because I do love the dishcloth! Hope you have a good weekend. 🙂

  • Momondealz says:

    Ahhh, potty training! My stubborn little boy did a “sudden” I’m ready to start too and I am loving it. Still have one more baby boy to go in a couple of years to be diaper free though! 🙂

  • Jessica @ The Abundant Wife says:

    We seem to be on the same schedule! Naomi (2.5 years old tomorrow) potty-trained this week too! She’s gone for five days without accidents (not counting naps and overnight). My husband (who washes all our cloth diapers) is thrilled to have his work cut in half. YEAH!!!

  • Kaidi says:

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Lizzie says:

    When you go to Ravelry, click on patterns, in the box type wash cloth,
    On the left side you can click what to include in the parameters. I click has a photo, knitting, free,

    You can choose needle size too if you wish, but it doesn’t matter for washcloths!
    This one is one of my absolute faves to knit

    This one looks very simple

    This one looks like the one you’re doing?

    If so you should be able to handle this one
    This is what I got when I clicked knitting, photo, free

    If you get stuck I’d be really happy to help you–send me an email 🙂

  • Andrea says:

    We all had the stomach flu this week in our home; and of course, during the busiest week of my husband’s job all year, meaning he could not take off to help while I was sick. That was about as exciting as it could get around here. 😉

    Oh, and it was in the 50s in Wisconsin. In January. What!?!??! 😉

    • Heather says:

      I feel for you! Three of the five of us had it too! It was more than brutal…we’re just starting to feel a little bit back to normal. So glad the weekend is here for us to recuperate!

  • Michele @ Frugal Granola says:

    Oh, Mr. I-Am-Not-At-All-Interested-In-Potty-Training lives at my house right now… so nice to know there’s hope. 🙂 Looks like you had a fun week!


  • Missy June says:

    I admitted I am in love…!

  • Stephanie's Mommy Brain says:

    We found a dead rabbit in our backyard yesterday. We do NOT live in the country! The rabbit looks perfectly normal except he’s missing one foot. I’m not kidding! It looks like someone cut off his lucky rabbit’s foot!! Poor bunny.

  • Susan (FrugaLouis) says:

    What a fun week…and how exciting that Silas decided it’s time for him to potty train! 🙂 We’ve had a rough week here kid-wise, but we are pressing on (what choice do we have, really!? 😉 )

    We did buy plane tickets this week for a family vacation to Idaho, however. We can’t wait to go visit friends and see such a gorgeous part of the country!

  • Cara Ivey says:

    As a family of 6 we need more food storage space! How do you actually stock up on sale priced chicken when it takes 6lbs just to feed us for 1 meal? This week, we fixed this little problem…
    Our fridge freezer combo is OUTTA HERE!! We now have a giant fridge in the kitchen, and a giant freezer in the garage. I was a little worried that not having a freezer in the kitchen would be a pain… But I really don’t mind walking the 15 ft. to the garage to pull out the meat to defrost for the next days meals….

    • Heather says:

      You use 6 lbs for 6 people? We have 5 people and maybe use 2 lbs, but that’s with more casserole type recipes.

      • Sara says:

        Four teenage boys?

        • Maria says:

          I’m curious too, I have three active teen boys and a husband in construction, and we average 1.5 lbs of meat for a soup or casserole, 2lbs for tacos, etc., and can hit 3lbs for grilled chicken, etc. as a main course. I’m wondering, though, if you’re thinking of whole chickens, or bone-in breasts? That would come in a little higher. Just curious now! :0)

          • Cara Ivey says:

            Oh my goodness!! I’m so embarassed!! I wish I would have rechecked this before posting!! I meant to say “6 pieces at least.” We will easily go through 6 Leg/Thigh chicken pieces per meal. Most of the bags of chicken have 6-8 leg/thigh qaurters….
            Holy cow! I cannot imagine going through 6lbs. of meat per meal! I must have had “pounds” on my mind while typing… I’d have to be feeding mountain lions to go through that much!! LOL! (though I do sometimes feel like I’m raising wild animals…)
            I hope you all see this, even a week later, so you know I’m not a crazy person!!

  • Jan says:

    Nice photos! I took up crochet right before the holidays- everyone got a scarf this year! I think crochet is easier than knitting (for me).

  • Tabitha says:

    Your family is so precious! Thanks for sharing your week!

  • Jennifer Kaiser says:

    What a fun peek into your life! Your sister looks exactly like you!!

  • Nicole says:

    My little guy who turns 3 next month wanted to start using the potty this week to!

  • august says:

    my son was born in September of 09′ and we just finished up with potty training. This is the link that worked for me. It was a little more than 7 days, but I spent a week on vacation with my husband so we had to do a split up of the days. I definitely recomend it though.

  • Yvonne says:

    We had 8 people over tonight for our monthly Compassion Sponsor Letter Writing Night!

    And I love making homemade knitted dish cloths! They make great bridal shower gifts.

  • Lucky says:

    That looks like fun.

    My 1 year old learned how to say and do the baby sign for “more”, and hasn’t stopped all week. I think she thinks now that she can get her point across she should be able to just eat bananas and crackers all day long!

  • Kimberly says:

    I live in the South where it typically doesn’t get too cold, and this winter has been no exception. Except M-W of this week was the coldest weather we have had so far. Went to my car to warm it up before leaving for work only to find that the super cold morning temps had killed the battery 🙁 Had to switch the carseat to my husband’s truck by myself in the cold (he had already left for work in his company vehicle). That was an adventure.

    I also saw first hand the answer to 2 specific prayers. I have 2 friends who have both struggled with infertility for a number of years each. Both of them saw their new child’s first heartbeat on an ultrasound…one on Thursday (after 6 years of waiting)and the other on Friday (after 2 years of waiting)! The one on Friday was especially touching, since that friend thought she was having a miscarriage! God is such an AWESOME GOD, and I was so blessed to see Him give each of my friends their heart’s desire this week!

  • Joy says:

    We stopped using all paper towels, paper napkins and kleenex in our effort to cut back, simplify, and be more green! We’ve definitely received some interesting looks from our babysitter who babysits at our house, and my sister, but we’re getting used to that by now;) Our 2 1/2 year old also started “pre pre-school” (she was SO ready). Now if I could just get her to use the potty…..

    • Crystal says:

      Woohoo! We’ve yet to give up the tissues, but we’re paper towel and (mostly) paper napkin free at our house. It always cracks me up when people when people ask for a paper towel and I have to tell them we don’t have any in our kitchen and hand them a rag instead. 🙂

      • Rachael says:

        We are the same way!

      • Danielle B says:

        We were converted back in Feb. 2007. We moved into a very tiny, old house from our apartment. We were painting cabinets and the kitchen walls because the rental was in such dismal shape. There was this funny-looking rack on the wall near the kitchen sink, which I had never seen before. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what it was, so I asked my dad if he knew what it was. He just grinned and said, “Yep- drying out your wet dish towels!”

        It had three or four prongs that swung apart so you could drape wet towels across them to air dry. He smiled and said, “How long do you really think papertowels have existed?”

        It got me thinking….and I’ve never gone back to paper towels since! 🙂

  • Jennifer says:

    I am not a knitter, but it seems to me if you put enough dishclothes together you will have an afghan or a scarf. And way to go on the potty training!

  • Joy Y. says:

    I finished my first dishcloth where I had to knit and purl as well..I was so thankful I finished, after frogging it 5 times! It turned out well, and I sent it off for a gift in the mail.

    Also, we naturally dyed my eldest blondie’s hair a shade of red. Turned out almost auburn, and we love it. It’s the only way I would ever color my teen’s hair–being it is nourishing to the hair, and not damaging or drying at all. Amazing!

    Check it out here:

    Loved seeing your pictures and a glimpse at life in your home, Crystal. Love when families have such fun together.



  • Karen says:

    What a fun week! In my “house,” it’s just me so nothing all that fun or exciting happens. But I am a nanny and this week the 19 mo. old started stringing together 3 or 4 words! And they got a big trampoline for Christmas, which we got to use this week due to the great weather. Of course, if you were to ask the toddler what was most exciting this week, it would be getting to see not 1, but 2 garbage trucks (he’s a HUGE fan of them right now)!

  • Andrea @ Clipping Makes Cents says:

    It looks like your family had a fun week!! Congrats on the potty train success…after potty training 2 boys, I know how excited you are. 🙂

    We had family visit for New Years, too. We laughed alot, played games and ate way to much food…good times.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • ZombiemommySaves says:

    Yes we are having Ice Cream as a reward for 7 days of not crying in the middle of the night.

    We are on day 3.

  • Nicole says:

    Crystal… Was knitting a self taught thing you picked up lately? I’m interested but not sure where to even begin with it, or if I need to add something like that on my list currently but I am interested in learning what it takes to start learning.

    Can you recommend a book or resource that is easy peasy?

    What is going on at my house… I am getting organized, putting my 3 back on her schedule, and putting my 7 mo old back on his. We have all been off do to cutting first teeth. Amazing how easy it is to get off and how hard it is to get back on. Feeling good though, with some help from you and my husband!

  • Dawn(The Large Family Mom) says:

    Well, my grandmother passed away this week, after being a complete invalid and blind for many years. My aunt has taken care of her all these years, and she passed away in her own bed, with only her immediate family with her.
    I realize that very few of us have the time or ability to care for our elderly loved ones in this way, but it was just such a testimony to everyone of the honor a child can give to her parent. After lying in bed for years, there was not a single bed sore or dry patch on my grandmother’s skin. The hospice nurse who came was completely astonished at the care she had been receiving!
    So, all that to say, I am challenged and convicted to honor and respect my own mother in the same way. And I already asked my kids if anybody was gonna take such good care of me when I am old!! LOL!!

  • Kristi says:

    I love the colors in your dishcloth. I learned to knit using the Learn to Knit DVDs from American Knitter. Our library has them, and the first project is the same pattern as your dishcloth. I found the DVDs so helpful because I could watch someone do the stitches. I actually knitted a pair of mittens that was a project on one of the DVDs, but that was before we started homeschooling. =)

  • A. S. says:

    I was missing posts like this – thank you for posting!

  • Jessica Claire says:

    I love these sort of posts! My sons teacher had a finger knitting class at her house last night. So I learned how to finger knit. I am loving it and finishing up this very second while reading a few blogs. 🙂 In a few weeks she will be teaching “real” knitting, with needles and all. I am super excited to learn. After reading the comments above, I am a little nervous though. Because although I a no good at crocheting, I do know how to do it. I am wondering if I will have a super tough time knitting.

  • Becky @ Our Peaceful Home says:

    Yay for Silas! How old is he again? My little guy is getting very close to 3 and a half and I can’t get him near a potty. His little sister who is almost 20 months is WAY more interested in it than he has ever been!

    • Jen says:

      My little guy just turned 4 today and we still haven’t succeeded at potty training! We’ve given it a good go twice, and no luck. He’s smart, understands the concept, but just does NOT want to sit on the potty. He always says, “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “soon, Mommy”. It’s so frustrating, but I refuse to force the issue too much. I’ve read stories from many moms who regret pushing too hard, and how it makes everyone miserable. We just keep reading The Potty Book for Boys and talking about it frequently. I’m really hoping that when he’s ready, it will be fast and easy. Anyway, hang in there… you’re definitely not alone. 🙂

  • Becky says:

    Hooray, Silas! I am encouraged to hear that — my boy is about his age (April 2009) and has nooooo interest in the potty. Silas has given me new hope! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

  • MaryEllen says:

    We’re doing potty training too! My girl is so much easier than my boy was – he was close to 4 before he got potty trained! The thing that finally settled it for him was in the summer when I would not pay for swim diapers and he could not stand to swim with a bloated regular diaper. I told him that if he would go on the potty he would not have to wear a diaper in the pool. He NEVER went in his diaper again – not even at night! Crazy kid! 🙂 Hope your experience with Silas continues to go well!

  • Danielle B says:

    We’ve been enjoying this amazing weather here in Virginia! Yesterday was 58 degrees, blue and sunny skies. We sent 4 hours outside just soaking it up. Sure, homeschool lessons and most housework were left undone, but it was worth it!

    My son, who turns 6 on Friday the 13th, is truly learning to read now! We’re 33 lessons into our “The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading” and my young man is reading! Amazing! My four year old daugher started her lessons in the book this week also. She’s very eager to learn, and I just didn’t feel it was right to hold her off any longer.

    My husband and I also sat down and budgeted the next three months. We’ve NEVER done that. For the first time ever we’re also watching in amazement as we catch up and get ahead on bills, as well as ACTUALLY putting money into savings! Isn’t it amazing how even just $20 in your savings account can make you feel? We know it’s just a start, but at least we are finally starting.

    We also followed Dave Ramsey’s advice and calculated our earnings and tax rates in the IRS calculator, and realized we are tax exempt with our current household to income ratio. So, my husband fixed his withholdings and now we’re going to be putting $400 extra into savings every month! How wonderful is that?!?!

    But most wonderful this week….we cut up our Medicaid cards!!!! We now pay for every bit of our insurance ourselves!

    Overall, this has been a red letter week for Bradbury family! 🙂

  • Bonnie says:

    Love posts like this! Silas’ shirt is so cute!

  • Katie says:

    Im jealous!! Mine is 3 and still won’t poop until I put a pull up on. I have the same tiles in my kitchen. FYI: I use magic eraser and it works wonders also a 1.00 pumice stone from Sally’s or Walmart will do the trick for that grout!

  • Lisa @ Fat Chick Fed Up says:

    I have been caring for & homeschooling our 4 children, by myself, as my husband took a job 1100 miles away. And I have to keep our home perfect for potential showings. Needless to say, the last 4 months without my hubby have been exhausting and have taken their toll. Today, he & my sister conspired to surprise me with a day at the spa. My sis babysat & I had 2 hr massage, a mani-pedi & a new cut & style. I feel like a new woman. It was just what I needed. I am so blessed!!!

  • Amy says:

    The dishcloth you are making in the picture also makes a wonderful, beautiful baby blanket. I use a soft yarn (I like Caron brites) and do the same pattern on a 10 or 11 needle. I do about 120 stitches at it’s peak and then start decreasing. Wonderful gift that holds up well! My kids both still love theirs. It works up pretty quickly too.

  • Becky says:

    Congrats on the potty training! I’m so curious though, Crystal, what kind of ice cream is that?

  • Heather says:

    I’m so glad it worked out for Brigette and family to make it. It’s fun to see pictures of all of you having fun together. I’ll have to ask her to see the Santa dress up contest pictures. 🙂

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