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Ask the Readers: What’s the best way to get a deal on a mattress?

Today’s question is from Sarah:

Would you or your readers please offer some advice on mattress buying? We need to buy a twin mattress for our son, who is leaving a crib, and haven’t a clue how to get a deal. Are there better times of the year than others to buy a mattress? Thanks for your help. – Sarah

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  • says:

    Before we got married, we needed a queen size bed (we had nothing). We asked our church and they put out a “hotline.” Within days, a member approached us saying she had a Queen size bed (frame, box spring & mattress) we could have. It was a guest bed that was only a few years old and had only been slept on a few times. We tried to pay her for it and she wouldn’t take any $. It’s been 3 years and it’s still in great shape – it’s a great bed!

    All that to say, don’t be afraid to ask around!

  • says:

    Is there a Deseret Industries thrift store in your area? They sell new furniture, including mattresses and bedroom sets, for very reasonable prices. We got a bed from them and it’s like a rock, the most solid piece of furniture we own.

    Another way to save is on the box springs. Box springs are expensive, but bunk boards are a lot cheaper (and lower, which is great for kids who might be too small to climb into a full-sized bed).

  • Amy says:

    I got my queen mattress at the JC Penney outlet for $99, with the box spring. If you have a JC Penney outlet near you, you should check there.

  • Jessica says:

    I also recommend checking the warehouse clubs. You can also try Amazon. I really like memory foam, it’s cheap, comfortable, and easier to move. It’s safer to get a firm mattress for a little kid, especially if he’s very groggy when he wakes up in the night or doesn’t have strong neck muscles.

  • Heidi says:

    If you live in one of a few western states, check Deseret Industries stores.

    Even though it’s a thrift store, they make their mattresses brand new. We purchased one there for our daughter who was moving from a crib in the summer for about $220 for the mattress and box spring set. Everyone I have talked to who has used these mattresses have loved them and have been pleased with their wear.

  • Faith says:

    my husband and I were just able to get a deal on a floor model.

  • says:

    We are in the process of moving, so I moved our mattress to clean underneath of the bed thoroughly. Our mattress is bottom of the line and should have been replaced years ago, as well the frame, so when I saw how poor of condition the frame was in, I just stuck the bed back on the floor. (After we move next month we are getting another bed and making a nicer frame.) I was amazed at the difference it made having the bed on the floor – the bed was much firmer since the box spring was better supported.
    Its not the most ideal situation, but if you want to make an old bed that you are stuck with temporarily more comfortable, stick it on the floor. 🙂

  • says:

    Don’t buy a USED mattress. The average life span of a mattress is 10 years, so look at it as an investment. Buy a double sided mattress if you can find one and then flip/rotate it every month. if you are needing the boxsprings, than you MUST buy a new boxspring with the new mattress or you will automatically void any warranty you get (I don’t think you can get a warranty for just buying a mattress).

  • Juliet says:

    The best place I’ve found for purchasing mattresses is through Costco, not just because they sell good brands, but because they will also take it back and refund your entire purchase if the mattress fails for some reason. Also, if you watch their ads and website, they often put them on sale once or twice a year. If you order online, shipping is often included. We had purchased a memory foam bed 3+ years ago and it did not hold up as expected. They took it back and provided a refund with no problem!

  • ctine says:

    Sam’s has Serta twin’s for a super price and they are quality products. Earlier this year our Fam purchesd 3 (bunk w/trundle)

  • Karen says:

    Look for funiture outlets in your area. We have a couple near us where you can get a much better deal than in a retail store. They may also be willing to negotiate the price down even further.

    You can also negotiate at a regular mattress store as well as ask about overstock, floor samples, etc. that may be available for a rock bottom price. However, in my experience, the regular retail mattress stores take more work to get the best deal because they really want to steer you to a higher price option.

    Finally set the maximum price you are willing to spend ahead of time but keep this information to yourself. If a store doesn’t meet it, be prepared to walk out. They may give you a better price or option that they “forgot” to mention earlier to get your business. If not, move on to your next location.

  • Jody says:

    They make high quality air mattresses now. Easy to move, easy to clean and no bed bugs.

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