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Walgreens: 3 rolls of Scotch Tape for $0.16!

I stopped by Walgreens this morning to pick up the free Scotch tape. I was hoping to get the free Lunchables, free Reach toothbrushes or $0.50 Duncan Hines brownie mix, but they were all out of those or didn’t have the right product in stock. So I just got the tape.

Here’s the deal I did:

Buy 3 Scotch Magic Tape at $1.99 each
Use 2
Then, hand the Buy 1, Get 2 free in-ad coupon (coupons may beep if you don’t have manufacturer’s coupons first, then Walgreens coupon).
After the coupons, I paid $0.16 in tax.

If you live where there is no tax on groceries, these should be completely free!

Find the full list of Walgreens deals here.

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  • Laura Bridger says:

    I did this today and they accepted 3 manufacturer coupons the store coupon, so I had $1 overage to apply to other items in my cart. You can’t do this with the tape only because they won’t give you cash back.

    • Amanda says:

      I tried 3 manufacturer’s coupons with a 4th item- I heard it would work. But the computer would not accept it for me like that. So I just used 2 coupons + in store and it went through ok, I paid 13 cents. My 2nd transaction would not go through at all. Manager came and said it was it because I was only “purchasing” 1 item so I could only use 1 manufacturer’s coupon in store coupon, and the 1st one shouldn’t have went through. I went back on a different day and went through the other check out line, it went through just fine with 2 man. coupons and the in store.

    • Amy D says:

      I did this the other day. Got 3 tapes, gave them 3 mfg. coupons and then the store coupon. Had $1 overage – used it toward the Gillette Body soap deal ($3.00 for one, $2.00 off coupon) and used the $1 overage from the tape to get the soap 🙂

  • Lori says:

    At my Walgreen’s there is also a peelie above the tape display for a $1.00 off greeting card when you buy one tape. So I got 3 $.99 cards for free and I also used 3 of the $1 off coupons for the tapes and got my Dove deoderant too. It’s like getting an overage!

  • bumkneeblonde says:

    Awesome, thanks!!! Stocking up my new apartment 🙂

  • Jessica says:

    I looked at three walgreens for some things and none of them even had a spot for the brownie mix, I don’t think any of them carried it…

  • Hollie says:

    On the Duncan Hine Brownie mix, Meijer has these on sale this week for $1.09, use the 50 cent off coupon that will double to $1.00 to get them for 9 cents per box.

  • Dana says:

    Hmm I did this different.
    I purchased 3 Magic tapes @ 1.99 each.
    I used the WAGS by 1 get 2 free coupon (This took off -$3.98)
    I then used 3 ($1/1)
    This made it a MM

  • Crystal says:

    Your Walgreens sounds like mine! They never have any of the sale items on hand that I go in for! I pretty much walk in now expecting to have to ask for a rain check, although they are getting pretty grumpy about writing rain checks now too. And, they REFUSE to scan the manufacturer coupons first…then they always beep, and then they tell me I can’t use the coupons because they beep. Despite my polite, friendly attitude towards them, they still choose to be grumpy. I’ve basically called Walgreens quits for a while….just not worth the hassle.

  • Kim says:

    I did the same as Dana and used the overage on my gillette bodywash and deodorant.

  • lindsay says:

    if you use 3 1/1 coupons and the walgreens in ad coupon you can make a $1!!

  • says:

    Thanks MOneysaving mom!

    Im going there tonight- hope they have what i want in stock!

  • Allison says:

    Our walgreens says only 1 $1/1 can be used…hmm. Well, it’s three for .99 then. Which still isn’t bad I guess.

  • amanda says:

    I used3$ 1 off coupons at my store and used the$ 1 overage on towards the rest of my purchase

  • Lacey says:

    I went today and got 12 tapes, 1 gain dish detergent, 1 Disney princess bubbles container (on sale $.99), 1 see-n-say toy (on sale $1.50) & a toy box that has lots of things for my 7 month old to play with (on sale $2.50). I ended up paying $1.01 after taxes and I didn’t even use any RR. I was able to do that because the cashier accedentally scanned one of my tape coupons twice. So it was like I gave her 13 instead of 12. I also had a $1 cp on the gain.

  • says:

    Thanks! I had failed to see this, and a group of us are trying to coupon for supplies used in our Bible study’s children’s program for next Fall…and tape is on the list. I’m letting the ladies know, thanks to this post. 🙂

    • Crystal says:

      You’re welcome!

    • Sandra Lee says:

      Oh my gosh…great minds! I bought 30 rolls today and donated them to our church for the church secretary, Sunday School teachers, Back-to-School backpacks…whatever they want to utilize them for. I have found WAGS does this deal twice a year where you can get free tape. In the fall I load up and donate to the church for when they wrap their donated Christmas gifts.

  • Cassandra Fisher says:

    I went this morning to get the Lunchables and they didn’t have them. I then asked for a raincheck and was told that they will be ending this policy next month and giving RRs instead…just an FYI.

  • Jordon says:

    I did this the other day and handed her the manu. coupons first and then the walgreens one. She told me ” you’re supposed to give me the walgreens coupon first!” but would it not have taken both the manu. coupons then? she was kinda rude about it!

  • says:

    I was wondering if anyone had issues like I did…My Walgreens won’t allow me to use mfr coupons that covered more than the cost of the items. I got a rain check for the tape but tried to do the Reach toothbrush deal and the computer beeped and spit out a tape that said they could not accept my coupon for $2/2 when the toothbrushes were only 99 cents each. I looked up their coupon poilcy and it states “The total value of the coupons may not exceed the value of the transaction. Sales tax must be paid, if required by state law.” I talked with a manager and tried to use the 2 cent overage for another item but they wouldn’t allow it. Anyone have that problem? I feel like I might not be doing something correctly? I am new to this! 🙂

  • Rachel says:

    Our Walgreen’s had a stack of coupons by the tape that said Buy any one Scotch tape and get a free greeting card (up to $1). I used that along with a cheap filler. Awesome!

  • Gillian says:

    I find coupons fascinating as they are not really used in Australia but I wish they were! We are getting a few through now and I am starting to use them but the problem over here is they always say not valid with any other offer. Hence when they had a chocolate bar on special on the weekend (buy one get one free) and then I had a 50% coupon, I couldn’t use both! So jealous of the way you guys organise it all!

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