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Work-At-Home Opportunity: Five HopScout Editors Needed

(formerly Liluxe) is looking for . If you’re hired, you’ll do some blogging, some social media, do video reviews, be a product buyer and more. Pay is $40 per hour, a free MacBook Air, $200 monthly grocery stipend, paid one-week family vacation and more.

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  • Amy says:

    It really doesn’t seem fair that the voting public decides whether or not you make it to the top 20 and even get considered for this position. It sounds like a great opportunity, but if someone doesn’t get enough votes, it doesn’t matter what that person’s professional credentials are.

  • says:

    Hey folks, this is the founder & CEO of hopscout. I just wanted everyone to know that this is a serious, legitimate opportunity. We very firmly believe that there are a ton of very talented stay-at-home moms (and dads!), and we want to hire you.

    We value an honest, creative application. Sure, getting your friends to vote for you goes a long way in helping us decide our candidate, but I personally am keeping an eye out for creative applicants who are a perfect fit for the job. Don’t be afraid to apply. Everyone has got a fair chance.

  • Chandler says:

    I agree. I was all excited to try for it and then I saw the voting part. I think I’ll pass. Too bad though because there are some quality folks out there that could really promote the company and its service that just aren’t interested in earning a job through a popularity contest but want it to be based on merit and performance outcomes.

    • says:

      I agree. I would love to apply and be considered for my talent, rather than feeling like I’m in the running to be crowned homecoming queen.

  • says:

    Wow — that’s a pretty nice deal. Especially the grocery stipend — pretty random, but cool.

  • Chelsea says:

    I think the voting makes sense based on the information posted about the job. If you’re the kind of person with a strong internet presence, then you will be more likely to promote their business and draw attention to it. People with more of a following will be able to direct more potential consumer/clients to their website. Being able to mobilize people to vote for you seems reasonable with a job that includes being a “social butterfly.”

  • Sonja says:

    I have been looking for them on Facebook, and can not seem to find thier page. I also manually typed in .com/hopscout and it doesn’t load, just goes to my home page… arg… can someone help me? I am the opposite of Facebook ignorant, could this happen if too many people are viewing thier page?

  • says:

    Wow looks amazing, what an opportunity, Deap let me know if you ever need Australians 🙂

  • Katie says:

    Just stay-at-home moms and dads? What about newlywed teacher? I have kids…23 of them! And I am always looking for ways to better our lives while keeping money in OUR pockets, not the big superstores!

  • says:

    Wow! It will be fun to see some of the videos! 😉

  • says:

    This almost seems like one of those jobs that is to good to be true! It looks like a great company to work for!

  • Robin Senor says:

    I supposed the downfall of true journalism occurred long before creativity and popularity were your credentials for becoming an editor…

  • marisa says:

    I hate be negative here, but this is the same company(owners) that had horrible service in November after offering a $10(I think) credit. I ordered from them and they took over a month longer to deliver than promised. I tried to call but the number was incorrect and they only reponded when I complained on their Facebook page. I smell at rat with this one, it reminds me of the company that went ‘viral’ for surveys completed and never paid.

  • Robeena says:

    Interesting! I am not a mom, not am I a dad! BUT I DO get a chance to apply, don’t I? Well, I moved out of California to New York to be with my boyfriend, hoping to find a job, but ALAS! I’m still looking, ofcourse! Anyways, good luck to everybody!!! WoooHooo!!!

    • gina m says:

      I’m sure you have every right to apply, but you probably have as good a chance as a Bradley Bill supporter applying to blog for the NRA! Best of luck on your job search.

    • Chelsea says:

      Their video said they wanted dads to apply too… Go for it!

  • Kristine says:

    The job looks great, however, how clever of the site to have job applicants doing free advertising for them before actually landing the position. Everyone is getting the site name out there, and not getting paid for it. Last year there was a company that did something similar.

  • Kris says:

    I could really use an editing job and have a decade of experience in the field as well as two small children, but there’s no way I’d be able to muster the votes. I might be able to scare up a couple hundred, but I doubt that’d be enough.

    For what it’s worth, $35-40 an hour is the standard rate for editing and writing freelance work. A week’s vacation and profit sharing are nice perks for a contract part-time job, though.

  • Jennifer C. says:

    Thanks for posting this Crystal. I just applied. Watch my video everyone…I’m the one with the four little kids!!!

  • Barbara says:

    Very exciting….now if only I was creative! LOL

  • John Gilmore says:

    I’m one of the two guys (so far) that has submitted a video. There are some awesome submissions there so please check them out, and if you are so inclined please vote for me (Dad’s treasure) w/ the fire truck. Thanks.

  • Shannon says:

    Despite the fact that I will probably never get enough votes (considering I don’t use Twitter and only have like 175 FB friends) I made a little movie anyway. Who knows? Mine is the one that says “Meet My Girls.” Thanks for the heads up, Crystal!

  • John Gilmore says:

    Crystal, my wife & I discovered several months ago and absolutely love this place! We visit it every day and have discovered many many tips and tricks to help us save money and stretch our dollar. Thanks for your vote.

  • Erin Braldey says:

    I am so happy i check you blog every day. A friend told me about it almost two years ago and i have recommended it to everyone that i know! I believe everyone should learn how to save money weather they “need” to or not. but anyway I applied for the job so.. if you want you can vote for me. if it works that is (most of my friends havent been able to)

  • says:

    And the voting is ONCE per video!! Cool, eh? I second John’s comment. I’ve been following Crystal at least the last 2.5 years on the suggestion of a girl from my church. Check out my video tooooooo!!! 🙂

  • says:

    I had little time to make a movie, since my dear baby wanted to cuddle…and who can pass up a baby cuddle?!

    But I did manage to have him do this…before the cuddle. So please, please vote for us! We really need the extra money that this would provide our family.

  • says:

    Please check out my video too! I’m a Kansas mom and I can’t wait until I can say that my family is debt free. We have a ways to go, so this job would be a HUGE blessing to me. I’ve been following this website for about a year and check it nearly everyday. I will be voting for you fellow MSM readers too! 😉

  • Kassie Stoute says:

    Please vote for me!!!! Kassie Stoute


  • says:

    Hi again! I submitted my video for the job yesterday, but couldn’t get my video to work. So, I resubmitted it today. So, if you are available I would love to get some votes, even if you voted yesterday. It is a new link now. Thanks so much! I will be voting for you other MSM readers ;). It is fun that we at least have 20 chances to get in the top!

  • says:

    Hi! I just sent in my video yesterday to apply as well. My hubby works 2 jobs so I can stay at home with our 2 kids(and another due in 5 weeks). This is the first stay at home we have considered because of the hours, pay, and it just seems like a perfect fit for me! I would appreciate any votes to help us out! Thanks 🙂

  • Tiffany Hansen says:

    How cool that we can vote for each other! Thanks Crystal! I just posted my video. Check it out and see my adorable little girls, and vote for me!

  • says:

    Crystal, I first saw the opp on your website!!

    It seems like a dream job! Would love any votes! 😉

  • says:

    I’m not a parent yet, so i couldn’t apply, but if this is for real, it sounds like an amazing opportunity! I hope one of ya’ll get the job!! 🙂

  • Becky says:

    When I saw Crystal’s comment about the job, I thought “that would be THE ultimate job, but I have 180 friends…no way, Jose.” Well it ate at me, and ate at me and after mulling it over with friends, (not all 180 FB friends), I too thought what the heck. Realistically, I’m not a “Homecoming Queen” and even look on the fluffy side in my work-from-home-attire. I posted my video a few days ago and although I have no aspirations of getting 1,000’s in votes like some others, I’m hoping that the CEO will see it and think I may be a fit for HopScout. If not, it was fun coming up with different ways to portray not only a day in my life, but stay at home Mommies. So, I encourage each and every one of you who think they don’t have a chance, to go for it. Don’t forget, your friends have friends, that have friends. If everyone shares your link, you may very well have an excellent chance at having the job of your dreams.

    I too had a problem with uploading my video. Some people could watch it, but a lot could not. So, next to my video I posted a link to YouTube and vica-versa.

    If anyone hasn’t yet decided on who they would like to vote for, here’s my link.

    Lastly, thank you for posting this position. Had it not been for you, I would have never had a shot at a fantastic job. =)

  • Becky says:

    Thank you.

  • Deanna C says:

    Submitted my video for the hopscout editor and need lots of help with votes! I’m hoping to be able to quit one of my away from home jobs so I can be home with my kid, soon to be kids, more!!
    Thank you!

  • Robin Tittel says:

    Please vote for my husband! We need a DAD on the panel! You’ll love the video! He’s such a good daddy to our little girl!

    His name is Rob Tittel

  • Lindsey says:

    Wow! You guys took advantage of this way sooner than I did! I’ve never made a video and had to teach myself how to do this week. So here is my very first attempt! Please take the time to watch it as I will be watching the ones with links posted here 🙂

  • Lindsay Wirth says:

    Hey Crystal! My husband applied for this awesome opportunity, and we’re just in the process of rounding up votes! I just thought I would post our video here just in case anyone wanted to vote for us! Apparentely you can vote for EVERY video once, just not the same video more than one time! Thanks for your support!

  • Sarah Tacoma says:

    Here’s my link and here’s hoping!

  • Beth H says:

    I am a stay at home mom and a pastor’s wife. This opportunity would mean the world to me. Please take a look at my video and vote for me… I think I represent a lot of us here in the December212012 family. Oh, and enjoy my precious little on at the end of the video… he’s sure to make you smile!

  • Ces says:

    Sounds like a great job!!! I love working and miss my jonb greatly since I had my baby girl 6 months ago. But, the voting process, no thanks!

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