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{Updated} Kroger (and affiliates): Duracell Battery money-maker

Update: Some of the commentors are saying that it’s possible this catalina deal was pulled early. If you try it, let us know if you get the catalina. Without the catalina, it’s still a great deal since it’d only be $0.49 per package of batteries.

Through December 4, 2010, you can get free Duracell batteries at Kroger and affiliates. Here’s how:

Buy 4 Duracell Batteries at $1.98 each
Use 4 $1.50/1 coupons from the 11/14 Red Plum insert
Spend $1.92 tax out of pocket, Get back a $3 catalina good on your next order
Free overage after coupons and catalina

You can roll this deal if you need to stock up on more batteries.

As with the Crayola deal we saw earlier this year, the non-sale price is triggering the catalina (it puts you over the $15 price to get the $3 catalina), making this a smoking hot deal!

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  • Brooke says:

    Buy 4 Duracell Batteries at $1.98 each
    Spend $1.92 tax out of pocket…

    Am i missing something??

  • Abbie says:

    According to some of the forums, this Catalina has been pulled. It’s still a good deal on batteries, but not a MM.

  • Kris says:

    The word yesterday from a hugely popular Utah coupon blog was that the deal was scheduled to go thru something like December 4th, but yesterday no catalinas were printing, when they called Catalina company, they were told they stopped the offer early. Maybe this is only for Utah? HTH

  • Katie says:

    I’m confused, what price are the batteries on sale for?

  • Jen says:

    I’m confused. How do you buy 4 packs @ 1.98 but only spend 1.92 tax? I’m assuming maybe there should be coupons attached to this?

  • says:

    You may want to add the $1.50/1 RP 11/14 coupons to this deal! 😉

  • Tania says:

    I have the catalina print out for this duracell offer and it says it goes thru 12/4 @ kroger.

  • Amber says:

    I am a little confused also- are we buying (4) individual packs of batteries to get the $3 cat? Or (1) four-pack of batteries?

  • Janel says:

    I have also read that this catalina offer was pulled early. 🙁

  • says:

    I read that it’s no long on the shelf price but the sale price now. Buying 4 won’t get you the cat. 8 would but you can only use 4 like coupons (per the coupon wording) in one transaction.

    Nonetheless $0.49 for batteries is a great price! Especially before the holidays!

  • says:

    We do not have a Kroger’s in our area. Who would be affiliated with them?

  • Sarah says:

    I received the catalina Tuesday at my Kroger in Southern Illinois. Honestly, I didn’t even know there was one going on, I just knew that I was super excited that I had 10 of the $1.50 coupons from Sunday’s paper and the batteries were on sale for $1.98! Since I didn’t know about the catalina, I didn’t split them into separate transactions to make it a money-maker. I’m not going to complain, though, I paid $4.80 for 40 AA batteries and received a coupon for $3 off my next purchase. Not too shabby 🙂

  • Amber says:

    How do we find out how many to buy to trigger the cat?? Should we be calling the 1-800 cat #?

  • says:

    I purchased 4 packs on Monday and I did not get the catalina.

  • Joni says:

    I bought 5 packs at Fred Meyer on Wednesday and no cat printed.

  • Mel says:

    The catalina worked for me at Kroger in Virginia on Tuesday. However, I did buy 5 packs of batteries because I had 5 coupons. That’s an unbeatable price regardless of the catalina. We try to use rechargable batteries whenever possible. But my son has quite a few toys with those dreaded!! little screw-on battery compartments. Always happy to have a quality battery for those things! My store had a boatload on the shelves. I may pick up some more before the sale ends.

  • Susan says:

    My friend and I both tried it at Kroger in DFW on Wed (early morning) and it didn’t work. We both bought 5 packs.

  • S. Wade says:

    I tried this scenario at a store in Fort Worth, TX, on Monday and the catalina did not print.

  • Jay says:

    It worked for me on Tuesday (4 packs) in VA. I know that sometimes it wasn’t working on purchases of 4 because the shelf price is lower at some stores and 4 x the shelf price wasn’t over $15, so those folks need to buy 5. I have not tried it since Tuesday.


    I live in Pleasant Grove and the PG smiths printed out a Cat for me. You have to buy $15 worth of batteries BEFORE the sale in order to get the CAT. So buy 4, pay $1.92, get a $3 CAT

  • says:

    Here’s a scenario if you buy 5 packs:

    Buy 5 packs–$9.90

    Use 4 $1.50 Duracell coupons (since the coupon states can only use 4 like Coupons)

    Use 1 .75cents coupon (doubles to $1–not a “like” coupon) from past coupon inserts (I think one was in my November P&G)

    Total: $2.90 before taxes and get $3 cat

    Not as much of a moneymaker but still a moneymaker.

    I didn’t know about the catalina deal nor had I looked at the 11/14 Red Plum yet, so I already used my .75cents coupons at the beginning of the week. I only had 2, but I wish I had known about this sooner. Still, I stock up on the Duracell batteries every year at this time. Thus, I can’t try out my own deal though.

  • Wendi Sisson says:

    So if it’s based on the sale price (rather than shelf price) now, as someone indicated, you’d need to buy 8 packages. You could use 4 $1.50/1 coupons if you have them (since the coupon states limit 4), bring your up-front cost to $9.84. Subtract the $3 cat for a “net price” of $6.84 for 8 packs, or 86c ea. That’s still a great price, but you’d get a better per-pack price if you just buy the quantity that you have 1.50/1 coupons for and get the 49c price, disregarding the catalina. However, if you have 4 of the 1.50/1 and 4 of the .75/1 then you could use them all and get a net price of 49c per pack counting the cat.

  • Meg R. says:

    Folks, please remember that the red print wording on the $1.50/1 pack of Duracell CopperTop RP 11/14 *prohibits* customers from using more than 4 of these coupons in the same shopping trip. It stinks, but it’s the rules. I’m not saying you can’t make more than one trip into the store, but let’s not be using more than 4 in the same transaction or same trip in the check-out line.

  • Lynn B says:

    Not working in SW Indiana for me.

  • julie says:

    i went to kroger yesterday and bought 8 packs of batteries. the catalina did not print so i went to customer service and she pulled the store catalina book. she scanned my kroger card and the bar code from the catalina book it only printed a $3 catalina so she did it again.she gave me 2 catalinas for $3.

  • Debbie says:

    I bought 5 packs in Louisville 11-18 and no cat printed.

  • Tina says:

    Purchased 5 packs of the batteries, used 4 of the $1.50/1 coupons on 11/18 and no catalina printed. 🙁 Still a good price, though!

  • Mimi says:

    This same thing happened last year at Kroger. The offer started off great with the cat printing based on the regular price while the batteries were on sale. Shortly after however, the cat changed to print based on the sale price. Therefore, I hit Kroger a few times on Sunday and Monday just in case.

  • brittany says:

    I tried it at the Troy, MO location last night and it did not work and customer service said they had not ever heard of that Catalina, but if I could bring in something printed from online they’d give me the Catalina. Anyone know of anywhere I could find this?

  • says:

    Tried it last night and it didn’t work here.

  • Jenny says:

    It worked for me today in Dublin (Columbus) Ohio. And it was based on the regular price of $3.85. I bought 4 and got the $3 CAT. YEAH!!

  • Stephanie says:

    Worked for me in Lexington KY today (November 19). I purchased 5 and used 4 coupons; paid 3.90 and got 3.00 cat back. The regular price here is 3.49 so you have to purchase 5 packs to get to $15.00 (even though you only actually spend 9.90 at the sale price). I don’t know if that is what is tripping some people up for getting the catalina, so be sure to check the regular shelf price at your store. I agree with a previous comment that you should not use the 5th coupon on the 5th pack because the rules on the 1.50 off coupons state “4 like coupons per shopping trip”.

  • Amber says:

    Worked at the Kroger on Plymouth rd in Ann Arbor. I bought 5 packs and used (4) 1.50 MC and (1) 1.00 MC and got the 3$ CAT. I’ll be going back to buy more!!

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