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Office Max: Free paper after MaxPerks Rewards + free shipping!

Office Max is offering five different items online this week which qualify for . Shipping is free for orders over $50.

This week’s offers are:

  • — $39.99 (Limit 3)
  • — $7.29 (Limit 6)
  • — $8.79 (Limit 6)
  • — $6.99 (Limit 6)
  • — $13.99 (Limit 6)

The rewards will appear on your next statement and must be used within 90 days of being issued. They can be used on anything at Office Max in-store or online. You can “roll” the Rewards using the Rewards earned from one transaction to purchase more items which will earn you more Rewards.

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Thanks, !

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  • Jeniece Trueman says:

    Could someone please explain to me how the max perks works? Do I purchase the paper and pay out of pocket and then get a reward credit which I can use toward the next purchase? In other words, the first time I do this, is it going to cost me $50. and then after that, if I do it right, nothing? If someone could walk me through it, I would really appreciate it, also, if you homeschool , do they allow you to get the teacher max perk card, and is that better than the regular one. Thanks. Jeniece

    • Michelle M says:

      @Jeniece Trueman,
      Yes you can get the teacher’s card if you homeschool. Something to know about the teacher’s card is that rewards are only issued quarterly (I guess the business card issues them monthly but the bonus threshold is much higher on the business card then on the teacher card).
      Yes you have to purchase the paper (and any other goodies) with real money the first time. Then you will get an email when your rewards are available. They come in a e-gift card from OfficeMax. You can roll the rewards into another 100% back purchase.

  • Renee says:

    In Sunday’s paper there was an “In Store Only” coupon for 15% off ink, toner or supply purchase. In the fine print it says “Coupon valid on regular, promotional and/or clearance-priced items”.

    Does anyone know if this would work as well? If it did it would bring the price of a case of paper to $33.99.

    Would you still get $39.99 or just the $33.99?

    Thanks for any insight!

  • Ruth says:

    Oh the irony: last week I wanted to use my MaxPerks rewards/credit for more printer ink and some paper…for some fluke my printer wouldn’t work and since MaxPerks credit can only be redeemed by printing off your statement and taking it into the store, I couldnt use it! Argh! I wrote the manager a nice letter (no sarcasm, it really was nice) asking if Office Max is thinking of linking your rewards/credit to your card or member number like everybody else. 🙂

    • Mary says:

      @Ruth, You don’t need to print the statement – you can just use your card at the store and they can look it up – I’ve done that lots of times. You can also write down the info (the reward number/pin number that you see on your screen and they can use that. As long as you have your maxperks scanner card or the phone number of your account they can look you up. I’ve shopped at several different Office Max stores in both MI and WI and never had a problem if I didn’t have the statement printout.

      Also, you should get a card in the mail with the same info – the amounts and the pin numbers, etc., that you can use instead at the store. It usually comes in the mail right after they release the funds to your account. I’ve been using this program for several years and the only problem I’ve had is a delay between online ordering and when they post the order – if you are right on the expiration date of a deal make sure you follow up and see that you are credited, because one time I had to call and explain (I had my email confirmation of the online order showing the date I ordered) what had happened and the nice lady put the rebate through and I saw it about a week later.

      Office Max is very easy to work with.

      • Ruth says:

        That’s great, Mary! I did have my account/card number and pin and any info you could think of. However, the employee would not give me my credit unless I had the physical printout of my statement from home. I’m in WA state…maybe they are behind in their system or something! So glad it works easy for you though! 🙂

  • Jodi says:

    I just rolled my free backpack rebate from last quarter to buy a case of paper and two packs of markers. And you can use the reward online. You just type in the number and the pin that comes up with you click to print off. It works great. So excited about my case of paper two packs of smelly markers and a backpack for 60 dollars out of pocket with 80 dollars in reward coming next quarter. WOOHOO. While the rest of the teachers are begging for paper I’m going to be set. Thank you for posting this!

  • Jeniece Trueman says:

    thank you. let me get this straight. I spend the $50, but I get the $50 back and I can use it next quarter on items that work the same way? Use the perks on things that make more perks. Now, I can only do this once a quarter? Is that right?

  • k says:

    I’ve heard repeatedly that OfficeMax Rewards DO NOT ROLL. Some have said that they can be used to purchase postage.

    Someone else said they can be used to purchase gift cards.


    I tried using a $15/$75 card as part of my transaction. You cannot use these an buy a gift card.

  • Christy says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t think you can “roll” your rewards, it states on their website that qualifying purchases exclude those made with your MaxPerks rewards.

    Qualifying purchases are any products or services in our stores, catalogs or web site except for computers, gift cards, general use prepaid cards, Sprint® service plans, phone cards, purchases with Retail ConnectSM pricing, sales tax, purchases made prior to the date of enrollment, and purchases made with your MaxPerks rewards.

  • says:

    They’ve always rolled for me. I use and use my previous MaxPerks as well & still get 100% back. This time I used a $30/$150 that they sent me and $90 in rewards, so it came out to around $40. I am curious to see how much I will get back – I’m guessing it will be $120.

    • says:

      Yep, I just verified, I already received my order and I earned $123.64 in Rewards, and another $33.76 was applied towards my $75, bringing me closer to my $10 reward. I <3 Office Max! I'm turning around and packing almost all of this into my Samaritan's Purse boxes.

      I'm a little upset that they won't be donating money from buying these pens until 2011, though – That's quite expensive for a box of 12 pens, and I can imagine they already worked the $1 donation into the price, so why not start donating until next year?

    • says:

      @Cassie, Oh! forgot to mention, also earned $6.15 through ShopAtHome for the purchase. It’s a little expensive out of pocket to get started, but once you’re rolling, I can’t complain about this deal =]

  • Michelle M says:

    I’ve rolled my rewards multiple times with no issue.
    Qualifying purchases don’t count on these special 100% of the purchase price back deals. Qualifying purchase matters if you are turning in ink cartridges (you get $3/cartridge in maxperks but you have to have spent at least that much in real money (ie qualifying purchases) in that quarter or you don’t get them.
    The qualifying purchase also matters when you are trying to reach a rewards threshold. For the teachers card every $75 in real money you spend you get a bonus $10 maxperks. But that has to be real money, not the rolling the maxperks to get that particular bonus.

  • Kristine says:

    I just checked my rewards online and it says that I only earned $10 on the paper that I bought. Anybody have any clue what that is about? I expected $39.99

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