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An update on The Company Store offer

If you were one of the thousands of people who got in the great deal from The Company Store yesterday, I just wanted to post a quick update and encourage everyone to double-check how much were charged. Unfortunately, it appears a number of folks were over-charged and have had to call in to get the extra charges taken off their account.

I’m so sorry about this and hope you are able to get any issues resolved in a quick and easy manner.

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  • says:

    ooh… now the status changed from shipped.. back to in process… uh oh.

  • Mindy says:

    I called and cancelled mine immediately. Got an email last night is has shipped? What . No overcharges yet.

  • Noah says:

    I ordered 2 girl’s clearance dresses at $9.99 each. They shipped and my card was only charged for shipping. It probably depends on who handled your order I guess.

  • Tiffany M. says:

    I just received my third email from them . Email 1 was an order confirmation for one shirt and two shorts, email 2 was saying the shirt had been discontinued and the third said item shipped and cc charged 13.94 (only 5.95 was authorized by me). I sent them an email stating I was not permitting a charge of over 5.95. They sent me one back with the coupon viral stuff. I sent one right back saying I was ing the BBB and the CC company. They sent one back within the hour saying that the CC was still being charged the 13.94 and I could refuse the package. I called the CC company and they immediately said they were crediting my account for 7.99- that was easy! Then I went to the BBB and (after looking at the BBB info on the company stores site which referenced the address Hanover, PA) pulled up their BBB rating (an A+ btw) filed a complaint.
    A company should either cancel the order or call the customer if there is a change in payment not charge their cc without their authorization. Honestly paying 5.95 for one pair of shorts isn’t that great of a deal- I do better at a good sale at Children’s Place but I agreed to the order so that would have been fine- but 13.94???? I could buy at least 3 prs for that price! I def will not be using the company store ever again!

  • Summer says:

    For some reason, my order went through fine. I ordered 4 shirts (2 of each of the deal of the day shirts). The butterfly ones were cancelled, of course, but the other 2 were shipped and my card has only been charged $5.95. Still not pleased that I lost out on 2 of my shirts, but at least they didn’t try overcharging. Phew!

  • ModernMama says:

    I was overcharged too. I’m filing a complaint with the BBB. It’s highly illegal for them to charge anything beyond what the customer agrees to at check out.

    And the terms and conditions of the coupon code should’ve been announced too. Else, stuff like this will happen again and again. And it’s a hassle for us to fix it. A lot more than the savings is worth.

  • Emma says:

    Very Irritated at the Company Store! I got an email stating that my order had been shipped & that I was charged $19 when I should have only paid $5.95! I called immediately & they will not change it! said the code wasn’t supposed to work on clearance..but it did so they shouldn’t be my fault right??! So now I have to pay shipping to have the stuff returned. I ended up loosing money:(

  • Vicki says:

    Mine got shipped with a $23 and some odd cents charge, instead of the $7 and some odd cents that I approved. They tell me that I can refuse the receive the order when it comes, but that I will NOT be refunded the shipping charge to get it to me ($5.95). I e-mailed them that it’s illegal to charge a customer more than what they approved at checkout. They should have let me know there was a change and given me a choice as to whether or not to cancel. I told them that my next step would be to take it up with the BBB. We’ll see if I get a response!

  • Junanne says:

    We need to report them to the BBB AND the Attorney General in their state & the state you live in!!!!

  • Melissa Viss says:

    Yeah, one of my items got canceled right off, and then I got an e-mail saying I was going to be charged $15 more than it said when I ordered. Ooooh, I’m mad. I canceled, and will not be doing business with them again.

  • Lindsay Marchant says:

    It is illegal! I think this is how the company profits. I called my credit card company to dispute the charges and since it was a small amount ($20), they just credited it back to my card instead of going after The Company Store with a dispute (at least one company has some customer service…thanks credit card company!). It would cost more to the credit card company than it is worth to try and get the $ from a dispute. The Company Store has charged so many people such a little amount that they are not afraid of any retribution. They know that credit card companies won’t take the time to go after them for such small amounts. Maybe with enough people filing complaints to the DA and these practices will cease or…someone will go to jail for the fraud!

  • me says:

    At first I was upset because my acct showed a pending amount of 17.00 and the item that I ordered was suppost to be free. I checked my account was not debited and they released the 17.00. I even received my free item!!

  • says:

    So glad I didn’t cancel after reading about what has happened to so many here… I placed my order on Friday April 20 and it has finally shipped, with the proper charge to my credit card! I wonder how many orders went through properly before they stopped honoring the coupon code?

  • says:

    Same issue as everyone. My cart said the total was $6.91, the confirmation email said $6.91, and the actual charge on the invoice and my credit card was $16.93. I emailed them and got the following reply:

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, the coupon that was used has since been discontinued due to it going viral. The sites that were promoting this discount are not affiliated with The Company Store. When it did go viral not all of the terms and conditions of the discount were included, and we will only be honoring the official discount that includes all of the terms and conditions. The promotion did not apply to past purchases, as payment on any credit card account, Charisma products, clearance, Company Kids merchandise, gift cards, custom shop, club memberships and could not be combined with any other offer. When your order downloaded into our system, it recognized the items that were clearance on your order and did not apply the promotion for the discount. That is why you are seeing a difference from your email and the charge on your credit card. Your credit card will be charged $16.93. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to us.

    It was bordering on rude in my opinion. We are also ing the credit company to dispute the charge. Bummer! I will NEVER do business with them again.

  • says:

    Just wanted to update that I got my curtain rod and curtain tie backs in the mail today. Regularly $100 for both items, clearanced out and then used the $20 coupon and paid only $6.93 (including shipping)! I just hung it all up today and am so very happy!!

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