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KMart: Unilever Promotion and money-maker scenario


Have you gone to KMart yet to get your Double Coupon deals and freebies this week? Thanks to , here's a great deal idea you might consider doing. KMart is running a Unilever Promotion at all stores, in addition to the Double Dollar Coupon Days:

If you spend $20, you'll get a $3 coupon which is good off your next order.

If you spend $35, you'll get a $7 coupon which is good off your next order.

If you spend $50, Get $14 coupon which is good off your next order.

The brands included in this promotion include: Caress, Lever 2000, Q-tips, Degree, Kotex, Depend, Sunsilk, Skintimate, Edge, Vaseline, Pond's, Dove, Poise, and Suave.

Coupling this deal with the Double Coupon Deals, you can score a lot of deals for almost nothing out of pocket. Here's a sample transaction idea from :

Buy 4 Dove Visibly Smooth Deodorants at $3.99 each
Buy 2 Vaseline Lotion at $3.00 each
Buy 2 Ponds Wet Cleansing Towelettes (30 ct.) at $6.15 each
Buy 2 Sunsilk Shampoo or Conditioner at $3.79 each
Buy 2 Degree Men's Deodorant with Silver Ion Technology at $2.33 each
Buy 3 Kotex Liners at $1.29 each

Pre-coupon Total: $50.49

Use 4 (doubled) $2/1 Dove coupons here–
or (you'll need 2 computer to each print this

Use 2 (doubled) $1.25/1 Vaseline coupons from from the 5/17 RedPlum insert
Use 2 (doubled) $1.50/1 Pond's coupons
Use 1 (doubled) $2/2 Sunsilk coupon from the 5/17 RedPlum insert
Use 1 (doubled) $1/1 coupon from the 5/17 RedPlum insert
Use 1 (not doubled since you reached your 10 coupon limit) $1/1 Degree coupon here
Use 3 (not doubled since you reached your 10 coupon limit) $1/1 Kotex coupons here–or

After coupons: $10.66 tax
Get $14 coupon to use off your next order
Free overage after coupons and Unilever Promotion

See lots more deals at KMart this week here.

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  • CS says:

    Hmmm…I bought $20 worth of product and the $3 coupon never printed. Bummer.

  • says:

    Please ask before you check out how/when they scan the coupons. My stores scan the coupon immediately after they scan the corresponding item, it is SO frustrating because the catalinas aren’t trigured this way AND I am not able to use my $5/$50 coupon. I am just hoping that its’ simply because the doubling Qs is new CA, but I haven’t had luck yet with any of these super deals. If only!

  • Stephanie says:

    My Kmart wouldn’t double ANY coupon that says “not subject to doubling” so many of the senarios didn’t work for me. FYI.

  • kristen says:

    This is assuming your store has some/all of these items in stock. I am having a hard time finding anything that has had a coupon out lately in stock. wondering if my KMart is just poorly stoocked or if this is happening to everyone.

  • says:

    Can you use the coupon for another transaction made on the same day? Our K-Mart is 30 minutes away, so I am trying to save a trip! 🙂

  • says:

    My store won’t let you use the catalinas with any other coupons- so you have to pay full price for whatever item you want to use the catalina on. Each Kmart seems to set their own rules 🙂

    My simple scenario for Pampers that requires just 2 of last week’s inserts:

    Pampers $9.99- use $2/1 coupon= $5.99
    Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner $6.66- FREE after (2) $2 coupons from 7/5
    Select any hairstyling product from Pantene $5.39- use the FREE styler coupon from 7/5
    2 Pringles chips $3- use $1/2 from 6/28 RP- $1 for both after doubles
    Final Price is $6.99 and you will get $5 from Proctor & Gamble back.

  • Maureen says:

    I went today and used the catalina from my first transaction to partially pay for my second transaction.

  • Mary Reed says:

    This also works with SCJohnson and Kimberly-Clark products- or at least it does at my store.

  • Janet says:

    Dove deoderants were wiped out by Monday, I imagine the other procucts are too.. 🙁

  • says:

    Jenae, I tried the Pantene deal, but the system would not let her scan in and use the FREE coupon, something to with how Kmart attaches it’s coupons to certain products. I have learned at my Kmart at least, it’s one for one on the coupons, can’t use any BOGO Qs or any trickier transactions.

  • Sandra says:

    Jenae, How do you get Proctor and Gamble to give you $5 back from your deal? Thanks

  • says:

    I thought there was a max. of 10 coupons doubled per order?

  • says:

    My Kmart ad had a condition to getting your coupons doubled. You had to spend $25 in grocery items to be able to get any coupons doubled. Bummer.

  • Rhonda says:

    The K-Mart in So. IN is notoriously understocked. Due to this issue (and the overall attitude/aptitude of the workers I’ve encountered) we’ve nicknamed it, “The Store Where Nobody Cares.” (I must say, most of these people are very nice…just not very competent).

    What worked for me tonight: Starbucks Frappucino ($2-used $1 Q doubled=free); Edge Shave Gel ($1.99-used $1Q double/adjusted=free); reach toothbrush ($3.29<--absurd price-used $2 Q doubled/adjusted=free); Purex 3-in-1 ($5.99-used $2 Q doubled=$1.99). They were out of almost all the cereals and paper products that would've been good deals with coupons! Rhonda

  • Courtney says:

    My Kmart here in Indianapolis told me that they were not allowed to limit the amount of coupons you use in a transaction anymore. I used 18 total in one transaction.

  • says:

    Man oh man…how come the Kmarts in my area have not doubled in a LOOONNGGG time? I so wish I could get in on this money-saving action!

  • Katrina says:

    Girls when they scan the items and then the coupons individually you should still be able to use the $5 off $50.. the ladies here have done it this way and you we just ask them to scan it. It works everytime. Just aske the cashier to please scan it to see if it works.

  • says:

    Wow, that is pretty awesome. I experienced a lot of the problems others here did when I tried to do the Catalina for Huggies, but I think I will get the coupons eventually.

    For those who did not get the expected Catalina coupon, your local store manager should be able to email you a PDF to send in to the Catalina Marketing company with your receipt; or stop back into the store and hopefully they will give you the very short form. I emailed Kmart customer service about not getting the Cats for two Huggies transactions (1 register had no coupon printer, the other register’s printer was out of ink), and the very next day the local store manager emailed me the.

  • Robin says:

    Anyone know who or where to call if your catalina doesn’t print. The 1st transaction printed just fine $14.00 catalina. Coupons were scanned at the end. 2nd transaction each coupon was scanned after each item and NO catalina. I tried customer service and they wouldn’t budge or give a coupon, cash or gift card. I heard everything from you didn’t buy the right items to OH you used coupons. I have also called corporate Kmart and they sent me back to the store!! Please help!!

  • says:

    There’s a limit of 10 coupons per customer per day listed on their ad. Sadly my Kmart employees are STICKLERS and will not accept any other coupons… hmm? Even though they won’t double I still asked to use them, they told me no. I left and went back, but not for this deal… for the toy deals!

  • says:

    mine had a limit of 10 coupons also

  • Bonnie says:

    I don’t have the problem with the coupons being scanned per item, so glad because that seems really annoying, but couldn’t you just keep your coupons in your purse until they are done. Our registers are working that way, I don’t understand why theirs wouldn’t.

  • queenie says:

    I was just gonna say what Angela said. If you get your order total up to $50 (without the coupon amounts being removed) then the $5 off of $50 will work anytime in the order. My Kmart always makes me give the coupon when they scan each item and I use the $5 off $50 EVERY time. Only once did it not work and that was because I was just shy of $50 pre coupon so I added a dumb filler and then it went through. I do often have to insist that the cashier scan it though as they always try to tell me I need to spend $50 and I just explain I did, however you never saw it because you scanned the other Q’s first. Please just scan it if it works great if not then ok. They always do and it always does. Just make sure to figure your total before you check out. Also in reference to the Pantene buy one get one free deal it would not work for me either, but I insisted so the manager ( A very unhappy person) came over and showed her how to do it and the deal worked great. I got my $10 off my next shopping order. 🙂 ALso I keep getting new Q’s after each transaction for $5 off $25 household and beauty ( I think that is what it says) and then a $5 off of $50 for another category, can’t remember what it is now is anyone else getting these? I will use them tomorrow. Haven’t had the chance yet as I’ve used the other $5 off $50.

  • Carrie says:

    New flyer in the mail yesterday, doubling from now til next Tues. They misprinted up to 25 coupons (from their new unreasonable 10–haha) and are still honoring the 25 coupon limit. 🙂 Good luck!

  • Saving with Scissors says:

    I tried for one of these catalina deals at Kmart and nothing printed and they told me that my total AFTER coupons had to be more than $50. Hello, that’s never going to happen…I’ve given up on Kmart & catalinas…

  • jamie says:

    my $14 catalina didn’t print either. i spent 25 minutes waiting at customer service with two toddlers and they couldn’t help me at all. they “guessed” it was because i used coupons which would not be the case. i ended up returning everything but the free items as a result. while these are great deals, i always have to go in realizing it may not pan out as i expect.

  • Chantel says:

    This is kind of long, but I posted this on another blog dealing with Kmart coupons and my experience this week.
    Please be careful using the “”Buy an angel soft bath tissue and a sparkle paper towel and get 2.00 off”
    I used two on Sunday and they worked fine. But, today was disastrous. I used two in one transaction, and after scanning the coupon and being prompted to hit the button onscreen saying which two items I bought, they hit “2 angel soft” instead of “1 angel soft and 1 sparkle”. When this happens it doubles the coupon off the price of the 2 TP (2.90), therefore only doubling up to 2.90. Not only this, but one coupon was not even rung up despite my insistence and another did not double for some reason. Customer service said they could do nothing for me about the $7.00 I was overcharged. I offered to return the items that did not work, but that presents a problem because you only get back what the computer says. Although my receipt clearly showed those coupons doubled wrong/did not double, or were not even rung up, the computer stated the opposite when they scanned the coupons to check. So, to return the 7.00 of items I would have received no money (because that is what I paid for them after I supposedly “used” the coupons). I also was not able to return the whole order and still get my coupons back. Even if you return the items, you cannot get your coupons back. Prices cannot be adjusted on the computer when coupons are used and I was not able to get reimbursement. After talking to 3 people and standing my ground, I was offered a $5 “customer satisfaction” cash reimbursement. I was tired of standing there, so i took it. Just make sure that cashiers press the correct item you purchased when they scan the coupon. By them pressing the wrong item, your coupon will only double up to that item’s amount, not what you paid for the item you bought. Hope this helps!

  • Kara says:

    I’m curious with all these really great deals, what you do with all the stuff. Some times I feel like if something is free I should get it, but it’s not worth it to me, if I’m not going to use it. Do you use everything you ever buy???

  • says:

    I went to K-Mart and did the above transaction also exactly the same ( except I threw in some Sauve for kids…becuase I have three and we use a ton:) Anyways I spent $54 ($24 out of pocket) but no catalina…total bummer bc I bought stuff (like the Ponds) that would be cool free but don’t really have to have…I called corporate and they also reffered me to the store (where the girls were less than friendly)…super bummer

  • Barb says:

    Each Kmart is different!!! The one I was at said I can only use 10 coupons total, even though I asked if they would take them but just not double them!!! They also told me I have to buy only the products pictured in the monthly flyer for the $50, get $14 catalina. No 1.29 pantyliners, only the big refills of wipes, only swimmers, huge boxes of huggies or the pure and natural, not the jumbos of little Movers Huggies, etc. etc.!!! I paid $33.40 oop got the $14 catalina. My total before coupons was..$70 so I was pleased because I worked hard to come up w/ a scenario that would actually work w/the coupons I had.

  • Suzanne B says:

    From what I’ve seen if a coupon goes in, it’s doubled so you don’t have the option to say I want to use more than 10 coupons and just have the rest not doubled. I tried and they said no. At another Kmart I slipped in an 11th coupon to see if what I was told was what happened. Sure enough, the register does not limit the doubled coupons to 10 – just the cashiers that are being sticklers. Most of them are. However, overall I’m loving this sale because of the $5 off $25 health & beauty coupons that have printed off with each of my register receipts. It’s a bit tricky to make sure I’m within all the parameters but it’s sure paying off nicely : )

  • Amie says:

    Is anyone else having trouble printing the coupons? Several of them are linked in this scenario– and I’ve been driving myself crazt trying to get them to print. I keep installing the coupon printer, but nothing is working.
    Thanks for any advice!

  • Kathie says:

    I was limited to 10 coupons today too and they counted the $5/$50 as one of the 10. I spent ~$25 and did get the $14 catalina so it was still a fairly good deal, but would have been a profit if they would have taken all my coupons.

    PS – I saw blue bell ice cream @ 2 for $6 so the internet coupon that moneysavingmom posted earlier should mean some free ice cream!

  • kristen says:

    I got the $5 off $25 health and beauty. Mine say “Valid for $5 off REGULAR PRICED health and beauty purchase of $25 or more… total is calculated BEFORE taxes and other discounts have been applied. Cannot be combined with ANY OTHER COUPONS for the same items…. Can anyone interpret this for me? Thanks

  • Allison says:

    I had some trouble with some of the coupons, so I just googled them instead, ie “dove coupons” and went to the dove website, where I was able to print them instead. No idea what the problem was, but I was determined to find them somewhere! It paid off, as I got 6 coupons from 2 computers somehow, and got my .83 deodorant! This was my first “frugal” run and I was very excited at the results!

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