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Reader Tips: Best Buy, Half Price Books, Ace Hardware, EBates, Pampers Gifts to Grow

Best Buy: Free Gift Cards for Report Cards* – From Stacie:

Our local Best Buy store is offering "gift cards for scholars". It
breaks down like this:

1 A= $5 BB gift card

2 A’s=$10 BB gift

3 A’s= $15 BB gift card 

4+A’s= $25 BB gift card.

We went
last night and got some great FREE goodies!! I have also heard that
the clothing store Limited Too does the same.  Do you know of any other
chain or franchise stores participating in a program like this?

(*Note from Crystal: The Best Buy deal might only be a local deal available at Stacie’s Best Buy store. Anyone know? If you know of any other great report card offers, please share them in the comments section!)

Half Price Books: Make A Profit Off the Free Magazines – From :

As I’ve been going to Half Price Books once a week
to get the kids’ the summer reading program sheets and free books
, I have
been taking in some books we don’t need anymore and haven’t
successfully sold any other way.

One week I noticed that our Half Price Books has a
magazine section, so this week I took in several of the magazines I
have already flipped through but didn’t want to save (now that I get
tons of free magazine subscriptions I’ve found out about through Money
Saving Mom!).  They gave me a great price for them, between 50 and 75
cents each.

Given that I didn’t spend anything on the magazines in the
first place, I thought that was a pretty good deal, and it more than
paid for my gas to get over there (although fortunately for me, HPB is
on my usual errand route anyway). I just thought I’d pass that along,
as other people may have basically new magazines sitting around the
house. Getting money for them is better than throwing them away!

ACE Hardware: Rebate Sale This Weekend – From Renee:

I just wanted to let you know that
Ace Hardware is having a huge rebate sale this weekend. They have many free items after rebate and many items
that are just $0.99 cents after rebate. More details can be found .

Ebates: Refer a Friend and Make $5 – From Becky:

Did you see the
tip in the AllYou magazine this month?  Apparently, if you refer
someone, you and they get $5.

(Note from Crystal: For those who haven’t signed up to EBates yet, I highly recommend it. You only have to spend an initial $5.01, and you get $5 back for signing up. And then you can encourage your friends to join and earn an additional $5 for each friend who signs up with the promotion going on right now..)

Pampers: Gifts to Grow Program – From Jessica:

I know you mentioned Pampers recently on your blog and I wanted to be
sure that you knew about Gifts to Grow. We use Pampers too and I just
recently discovered what the stickers on the packages are. You can
find out about it at . Every Pampers product comes with a code that you can enter into your
profile on the site and you can use the points to earn free toys, gift
cards, etc.

(Note from Crystal: I have not used this program yet–bad me for all the Pampers I’ve purchased (well, I got them mostly free at CVS, but that still counts!) in the last two years!–but I just bought another package and can’t seem to even find the code on it. Where should I be looking? And how many packages do I have to buy in order to earn anything of value? Just curious.)

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  • says:

    I saved and entered the codes from Pampers for a while, and eventually redeemed them for 200 free prints from Shutterfly. That’s no longer available, but there are several other good options including a free Pampers coupon and a Starbucks gift card.

    It does take a while to accumulate enough points to earn something, but it’s easy to do if you’re already buying Pampers diapers and wipes. The codes can be found on the inside of the diaper package or wipes wrap.

  • says:

    Crystal – Look on the inside of the packaging. It’s a long series of letters and numbers in black. I hope this helps.

  • Laura says:

    The Pampers website tells you where to find it on each product, diapers, wipes or anything else. Diapers have a sticker on the inside of the package. Wipes in the tub have it printed on the inside of the lid.

  • Tracy says:

    Pampers puts a small sticker inside the package with the code on it. You usually get 3 points for a jumbo pack, and you have to collect at least 20 points to get a small gift like a children’s book. Larger items like $25 gift certificate to a clothes store range up to 200 points.

  • says:

    The codes are on little white or green stickers inside the package. For a regular size pack you get 3 points. You can go onto and enter your points and also see what prizes you can get. I get most of my pampers next to free at CVS, so this is an added bonus! I am only at 36 points, but at 20 points you can get a book, or keep collecting and get bigger things. You do need a lot of points to get stuff. Also, if you know of other people using pampers and not doing the points, maybe they’ll give them yours?!!

  • says:

    Hey Crystal! Just wanted to mention that for Ebates, you do have to make purchases to receive a payout. You could have $100s of dollars of referral money waiting, but until you hit $5.01 in percent-back bonuses, you won’t get a check.

  • Kristine says:

    Re: Pampers Gifts to Grow codes.

    Packages of diapers have a sticker on the inside of the package – it’s two tone teal and white. Probably about 1/2″ wide, and 1″ long. It has an alpha-numeric code that’s about 15 characters long on it. If your diapers come in a box and are packaged in clear bags, the sticker is on the outside of each bag.

    Boxes of wipes have a code printed directly onto the underside of the lid. Wipes refills have a code on each individual package of wipes. It’s on the side, printed directly onto the wipe packaging. It says Gifts to Grow above, then the alpha-numeric code below.

    Wipes boxes are 1 point, refills are 0.5, and the diapers depend on the size of the package. I’ve been doing it about a year now (or so, with one child), and I’ve redeemed for two “free” rewards so far.

    The consumer does pay shipping and handling, which for what I’ve gotten ranged from $4-$8.

  • Bethany M says:

    Try lookin g for a sticker on the inside that says something like Gifts To Grow code or something.

  • Catherine says:

    The Pampers Gifts to Grow Codes are on a Green Sticker inside the package of Diapers and I believe on the wipes inside the cover (not sure about that). One time I searched high and low for the sticker inside a package of diapers and there was none. So I called them and they issued me a code. You need to earn quite a bit of codes to earn something, but if your buying them anyway might as well earn something. But lately they are charging you S&H where I remember a year or so ago they didn’t, so I’m not so interested anymore.

  • sarah says:

    Look inside the plastic packaging for a small sticker with the code on it. It’ll be near one end of the package.

  • says:

    The Pampers gifts to grow points grow SLOWLY. But we have picked up books, and LLBean gift certificates. And just recently there is a limited time gift certificate for free diapers.

    The labels are usually Pampers green inside the diaper bag at one end. They say gifts to grow on them and have numbers and letters on them.

    On the wipes they are on the outside of the bag.

    Hope this helps!

  • says:

    Hey Crystal,

    The stickers are inside the bag, it is easy to find once it is empty:) Have a great weekend!


  • Rachel says:

    All of the codes I have found are on a sticker on the inside of the package. I, too, use the Gifts to Grow and it’s a pretty good deal!

  • Chris from St. Mary's says:

    My local Family Video () offers free rentals for students who get As. It’s on the marquee outside the store. Call first. YMMV.

  • gina says:

    How does the report card for the gift cards work and where did you find this?? My daughter would LOVE to get one!

  • Thank you, everyone, for your help. I was wondering why I had scoured the outside of my packages of diapers and wasn’t finding anything!

    Thanks for the corrected info, Kacie. I updated my post.

  • says:

    I called my local Best Buy and they are not offering the gift card for good grades, unfortunately. So this deal is definitely YMMV.

    Chuck E Cheese gives tokens for good grades and Limited Too gives $5 store credit for a good report card. I’m not sure of anywhere else that offers anything.

  • tammy says:

    I’ve done the pampers points for the last couple years online and even the program before (7 years ago!) when you had to cut the points out and send them in! I have gotten COUNTLESS free movie rentals w/popcorn & soda at Blockbuster, books, toys, puzzles, a ride on outdoor toddler toy valued at about $50, and once they sent me a check for over $100 b/c the items I ordered ran out of stock! (So I could buy the same item @ the store.) You have to watch though, sometimes they try and charge you so much for shipping that it isn’t worth it. But I know with the Blockbuster stuff shipping has always been free. 🙂

  • Stac says:

    I’ve been collecting every pampers point since my daughter was born 10 months ago…moms know thats A LOT of diapers…and I barely have enough points to get a free pack of pampers. It’s def. better than nothing and there are other good gifts to choose from, I just wish the free diaper coupons were a few less points!

  • Emily Anne says:

    I recently signed up for and in order to get my cash back bonus and hit the $5.01 mark I signed up for For signing up you get a $18 cash back bonus. My husband is the type who can’t sit at home on any night he is off and do nothing so he is always wanting to rent $4.25 movies. Well with my plan I get one movie at a time for $8.99 a month. Plus if you have high speed internet you can watch movies online anytime for free. The plan is unlimted for the month and it is actually really fun. It’s definately cheaper than cable and you and pick what comes on your television. Also, they have a countless number of television series and cartoons that the whole family will enjoy. We figured if we don’t like it after a few months we’ll cancel and after the ebates cash back we won’t have lost any money.

  • Jodi Reed says:

    My Best Buy isn’t doing this program! In St. Pete, FL. Darn! My 10 year old would’ve loved this and he got straight A’s

  • says:

    I see lots of people have posted about Pampers Gifts to Grow, so I wanted to share how I have used mine. I get codes from friends and family who don’t enter their’s online and I save my points and redeem them for gifts typically. Last year I printed a free Shutterfly book for my in-laws for Christmas. I have also cashed in for Blockbuster gift card for a gift and got the 200 free pictures from Shutterfly.

  • says:

    Our Family Video Stores here in Indy do the same thing. I think it’s probably a nationwide thing.

  • LuAnn says:

    Krispy Kreme gives up to 6 free glazed donuts per A on report cards.

  • Michelle says:

    Crystal, I can’t believe you hadn’t been doing Gifts to Grow… makes me feel bad for not telling you about it – I get so many money saving ideas from you, I could have shared it with you! I’ve been doing it for several years, and its been great. In past years I used the points to get birthday/Christmas gifts for my kids (Bob the Builder Duplo sets & DVDs) but now, they have the free Diapers coupons so I’ve been redeeming the points for those. There is not a shipping fee for the Diapers coupons, but there is for the other items. I got a free pack of diapers a few weeks ago at Target, which I combined with the Target gift card offer (the one that wasn’t a coupon) and also the Target store coupon for save $5.00 on two Pampers coupons. So I got a super deal that day!

  • Donna says:

    With 3 in diapers for many months, we collected lots of Pampers points. We turned them in to get a Kettler tricycle with push handle. I’m saving still, but don’t know what I’ll get this time.

  • says:

    Chuck E. Cheese also has a deal where you can bring in your report card and get tokens. The also have a program now that you can print a chart out and get tokens for your kids completing tasks or being good at the doctor’s office. I saw that info at .

  • says:

    I just signed up for Ebates a couple of days ago right before I ordered a present for my Mom. The rebate was already credited to my account. I’m excited! We do a lot of online shopping, so this might help.

  • tamara hook says:

    Just wanted to mention that some of the pampers points sticker codes say that they expire in march of 08 (or sooner). However, you can still enter the codes online so disregard the expiration dates.

  • says:

    The sticker with the code is always on the inside of the bag. I’ve had trouble finding it a time or two, but they’re ALWAYS there. Each sticker has a points value (depending on the size of the package) and added up points can be used to purchase “stuff.” Toys, Sears portraits, Blockbuster movies, there’s lots of great deals on there. I save mine up to get the higher points stuff.

  • Leslie says:

    It is possible that you didn’t get the code. I bought a package of diapers and it didn’t have the code. I called Pampers and they were able to give me a code to enter on the website. I like saving the points. I saved for a Lego airplane for my son’s 1st Christmas and he loved it. Now I am saving for a tower of blocks.

  • says:

    Everyone seems to have told you where to find them, but just know it takes lots and lots and lots to actually get something. We only use pampers crusiers and sensitive wipes (period) and after 13 months we don’t have THAT many points, maybe once we have two in diapers. The best thing we have gotten was a blockbuster giftcard and we plan to use some this month for some free Legos.

  • Robin says:

    My daughter called our closest Best Buy about the A Grades offer you posted, they said it was only in MARYLAND. So no luck here or I guess for 99% of your readers.

  • says:

    One of the rewards you can “buy” with Pampers Gifts to Grow points is a donation to Unicef to help provide vaccines for children in developing nations. 1 point=1 vaccine. Pretty cool! If you want to do something to help others or if you just have a few points left over after redeeming your points (like after potty training…no more diapers!), this is a great option!

  • says:

    If you are doing Pampers Gifts to Grow, make sure you use your points to get Blockbuster cards!! I’m too cheap to pay the s&h on all of the toys and books they offer, so I always use 50 points to get the Blockbuster card… you get two free movie rentals, two 20 oz cokes, and a tub of popcorn and NO s&h.

  • Vanessa says:

    Love the gifts to grow program. I’ve been earning points for the last 5 years and every year at Christmas time I get several gifts for just the cost of shipping!

  • Leah says:

    I also have loved the gifts to grow program. There is en experation date on the code sticker, but even the expired ones I have typed in have worked. We use Pampers exclusively (pretty much), and the last two Christmas’ I have been able to either get a great gift for my son, or something from Shutterfly for the whole family.

  • Liz says:

    I don’t how many of you use 411 Directroy Assitance, but I use it all the time. My sister tried to turn me on to a free service by Google but I could never get that silly machine to understand what I was saying….she has since found another service that is also free but done by LIVE PEOPLE…..needless to say I love this service and thought it would be a great thing to share. The number is 800-411-SAVE which I beleive can be called from any phone in the US or Canada and they’ll also complete your call for free when they find your listing.

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