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Reader Tips:, Publix, Target Gift Registry, Angel Food Ministries Helpful Site for Matching Coupons and Sales – From Tim:

I found this website this morning that is perfect for helping with grocery trips especially when couponing and comparing and wondered if you had heard about it. It lets you choose multiple grocery stores to compare all the current deals running at all of them and then beside each search result it has a "Coupon" button that will pull up all coupons that have been issued for that item, which book they were printed in (Smartsource, Redplum, etc) and what date they were printed. And it only shows you coupons that have not expired yet! It also tells you when the sale on that item ends and you can add individual items to shopping lists and then print out those lists at the end.

Publix: Bloom; Bloom Coupons Accepted – From Jennifer:

I am in Greenville, SC where we have a grocery store by the name
of Bloom; Bloom has been sending out a month’s worth of $10 off of a
$35 dollar grocery purchase. Publix accepts these coupons, and I take
them there because Publix doubles manufacturer coupons and Bloom does
not. I have made out like a bandit by combining the manufacturer
coupons with Publix sales and using my coupon from Bloom! I think last
week I got about $60 of groceries for $27.

Target: Free Gifts For Setting Up a Gift Registry – From Megan:

I’m engaged and my fiance and I signed up at Target online for our
gift registry. Target sent us a cute tote bag and a great book of
coupons–including a coupon for two free sodas and two free popcorns at
their cafe, a free chocolate bar, even a free 6" wedding cake at

Angel Food Ministries – From Beth:

I thought I’d share a tip that saves the moms in this area money.  Local churches are partnering with a ministry called .  At first glance, it looks like a site to help the poor, but if you them, it’s not.  It’s for everyone and everyone is encouraged to take advantage.  In fact, the majority of the people who take advantage of the program are middle class families. 

Each month, they offer approximately $60-80 in groceries for $30.  The food is very good quality (restaurant-grade), though not always name brand.  In addition, you can purchase special offers, like last month they had a grill box and steak box.  I use this to stock my freezer full of meat.  You can go to the site to see next month’s menu.  In December, they always have a wonderful Christmas menu and a special fruit box that is delicious (and makes a good gift)! 

Just call your host site (find it on the website) and find out how you can sign up.  Boxes feed a family for a week or a single adult for a month.  You can buy as many boxes as you want, but you have to buy the main box to take advantage of special offers.  On pick up day, bring a clothes basket or something to put your food in.  At my host site, they put everything in my box and put it in my van, so I’m in and out in under 5 minutes with all three of my kids in tow.  It’s the fastest shopping trip ever!

Some churches encourage you to donate the money you save to help a family in need or to buy an extra box to help a family in need, but you don’t have to.  I donate items in the boxes I won’t use to my church’s program to help feed the hungry.

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  • Judy says:

    I participate in SHARE – very similar to Angel Food Ministries and they have them in several states. This is a great way to reduce grocery costs.

  • says:

    Just wanted to second what Beth says about Angel Food. We actually live about 10 miles from where the home-base of Angel Food is located (north GA), and I am amazed every month at how many people they are able to help.

    Like Beth said, it’s not always “name brand” but most of the chicken is Tyson, and you always get a great variety of items.

    Worth checking out if you have a host site near you.

  • Amanda says:

    Don’t forget about Share of Colorado

    The also offer quality food in a box for $25 and they have a variety of packages – a package with meat and produce, a meat only package, a package designed for one or two people and a package for a food pantry. You can by as many packages as you want, there is no requirement to buy one type of package before you can buy others. Often the pick-up locations are churches.

  • Jan says:

    We did Angel Food last year when my husband was out of work- it was $25/mo last year. I found a lot of the stuff I did not use so we quit doing it- but it is a good ministry.

  • Jill W. says:

    I must be missing something with I have looked up coupons for a few different items that I have coupons for & they are not showing up. What am I missing? or messing 🙂 up?

  • Tami says:

    Where are you getting the Bloom coupons? I live near Greenville and would love to have them.

  • says:

    We signed the Target Club Wedd Registry as well and we got a free $25 gift card just for signing up as well as the bag and coupons. Instead of buying something for us we bought our son some formula. I think the gift card deal ends this month, but you should definitely check!

  • says:

    We found the angel food ministry meat to be poor quality. The food provided was mostly convenience foods that we do not eat. I agree with the others though, it is a great ministry. I was in the grocery store a year ago when a gentleman was struggling to keep his purchases in a very small budget (no coupons). He was frustrated at how little he could purchase. I tore off a sheet from my grocery list and wrote down their website for him.

  • Evelyn Masters says:

    I just wanted to add again that the food is great from Angel Food ministries, I just got my first box this month and it really has helped to cut down on our food budget. For my family of 3. we can get two meals out of almost everything in the box, so we can really stretch our food dollars.

  • April C says:

    Angel Food ministries is a good deal…… but…. we used it for about 6 months and were really disappointed in the food quality. My teenage boys could almost always pick out in a meal what came from Angel Food. Most of the food was not very nutritious…..fried and loaded with fat. I would recommend it for someone who is trying to stretch a budget, but not if you are looking for really healthy food!

  • Lisa says:

    We have used the Angel Food stuff several times, maybe more and it is not good quality on most of the food. The meat is VERY high fat and is mostly breaded. On occasion it was unbreaded but always with some type of marinade that ended up being loaded with sugar. Not very nutritious at all and most of the food is generic brands. I have NEVER seen any Tyson in any of our boxes. But, if you are on a very low budget and eat that way anyway, then it’s a good thing.

  • Beth says:

    I’ve heard that some people have very bad experiences with Angel Food. My mom tried it and got some pretty bad stuff, but every time I’ve done it we’ve gotten high quality meats with very little fat. I’ve heard it’s hit or miss on the food quality depending on where you live sometimes and sometimes the month.

  • says:

    publix doubles coupons?????????? i never knew that i wonder if all do i will have to go in there in ask that would be awesome if so!!

  • says:

    Bi-Lo in Greenville, SC, also takes the Bloom coupons. To get the coupons, sign up in store for the “Bloom card,” their version of a CVS card or Pubix grocery card–doesn’t cost anything, and nets some great coupons, mailed to your home each month!

  • Bekah says:

    My parents live in northern PA and use the Angel Food ministry every month. Yes, I agree there can be months where there are some fried foods or some items that you wouldn’t normally buy but more often than not, there are a lot of items in there that are really good. Maybe it’s just the personal taste of the family. I lived with my parents for 8 months a few years back and was very pleased with the products we received. Like other ones posted, it could be the different areas as to the quality of products. You can’t beat the price for the amount of food you get.

  • t says:

    tried angel food ministries and did not like the food at all. waste of money!

  • Briana says:

    We tried Angel Food a couple months ago along with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law. The men were very concerned that it was like taking charity. After reading through all the literature, we found that it is governmentally subsidized, and, thus, a form of welfare. We decided not to do it again based on this as well as the poor quality of the food. I can do about as well with coupons and sales.

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